BlueFletch Unveils Advanced Features for Security Management in Shared Workforce Device Environments

ATLANTA — BlueFletch, a leading provider of enterprise mobility solutions, today announced the availability of upgrades to the BlueFletch Enterprise security management platform, offering a suite of innovative features to elevate the user experience and streamline device security and management.

The enhanced BlueFletch Enterprise includes an expanded device launcher with single sign-on (SSO), FIDO2 key, and NFC support for rapid re-authentication, an enhanced device finder, and an integrated enterprise chat function. These new features are designed to address the unique challenges businesses face with shared devices in industries such as retail, transportation, and warehousing, ensuring seamless operation and a more efficient workforce.

“Shared devices are becoming an essential part of modern business operations, and BlueFletch is committed to providing the tools necessary to help organizations excel in this environment,” said Richard Makerson, CEO of BlueFletch. “Our latest product enhancements are a testament to our dedication to innovation and our mission to create a more efficient, secure, and user-friendly shared device experience.”

Customized Launcher
The BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher simplifies shared device use by providing a customized home screen, tailored to each user’s role and preferences. By streamlining the device experience, BlueFletch’s launcher reduces the time users spend navigating through multiple applications, leading to increased productivity.

Expanded Single Sign-On (SSO)
BlueFletch Enterprise’s expanded SSO functionality allows users to access multiple applications with a single login, significantly reducing time spent on authentication processes. By enabling SSO across all applications and integrating with existing Identity Access Providers, BlueFletch simplifies the user experience while increasing overall productivity. Check out our SSO guide here! 

FIDO2 Key and NFC Support for Rapid Re-Authentication
The integration of FIDO2 key and NFC support for rapid re-authentication streamlines the process of accessing shared devices. Users can now quickly authenticate themselves using FIDO keys or NFC-enabled cards, providing a highly secure and convenient method of re-authentication and accessing device sessions.

Enhanced Device Finder
The improved device finder feature within the BlueFletch Launcher enables administrators to quickly locate workforce devices. By offering real-time device status updates and location data, this feature greatly simplifies device tracking and reduces expensive workforce device loss.

Enterprise Chat
Also available is an integrated enterprise chat tool that compliments BlueFletch Enterprise, fostering seamless, quick communication and collaboration among team members. Users can now securely exchange messages, texts, and video chats with their colleagues, all within the same platform.

“By incorporating these advanced features, we continue to support businesses in optimizing their shared device experiences,” said Makerson. “The upgraded BlueFletch Enterprise not only simplifies user authentication and device management but also facilitates seamless communication and collaboration across workforce teams.”

About BlueFletch, Inc.

Based in Atlanta, BlueFletch is an award-winning innovator in the mobile industry, focused on helping enterprises secure, manage, and support their shared and rugged workforce devices. The flagship product BlueFletch Enterprise is trusted by the Fortune 1000 in retail, transportation, healthcare, logistics, and warehousing, as well as organizations worldwide. Providing a customized launcher, mobile SSO, Support and Analytics, and MDM/EMM for Android workforce devices, BlueFletch Enterprise helps ensure an organization’s digital transformation or management initiatives are effective and secure. 

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