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Device login, SSO and security starting at


Brands that Trust BlueFletch

BlueFletch Enterprise

Security Management for Frontline Workforce Devices
Enterprise Launcher

Secure customizable lockdown home screen for Android devices


Login, SSO, and Authentication components to tie into Identity Providers

Support Agent

Rich analytics gathering agent to help track device usage and resolve issues

Device Finder

Tool to locate lost, misplaced, or stolen workforce devices


Standards-based web browser with advanced security control

Reporting Portal

Reporting web tool for dashboarding and analytics review

Secure Notifications

Engine for secure enterprise notifications

Add-on Features

There are several advanced components that can be added to the BlueFletch Enterprise base product for additional functionality.
These add-on features include:

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Why BlueFletch?

  • SSO for Mobile Workforce Devices

Enterprises leverage BlueFletch for the following benefits:

BlueFletch FAQ

Yes, the BlueFletch Launcher is designed to be highly configurable to meet all your organization’s needs. 

Via a configuration, you can customize the background UI of Launcher’s home screen to incorporate your company’s branding elements such as logo, color theme, icons, widgets, shortcuts, etc. 

BlueFletch Launcher also has a pluggable authentication model that allows you to support any backend authentication and identity provider.

BlueFletch currently supports Android  across a variety of device types from Zebra, Honeywell, Samsung, Datalogic, Newland, Spectralink, Panasonic, and eLo. 

BlueFletch Launcher supports integration into all modern backend identity providers (Azure AD, Okta, Ping, Active Directory, etc.).

Any apps that handle modern OIDC token, Chrometabs, SAML, support out-of-the-box single sign-on. We also have a drop-in SDK. Additionally, we have an auth proxy for Terminal Emulation. Additionally, custom plugins can be built for anything not covered by existing plugins. 

BlueFletch Launcher can be deployed via any modern MDM (e.g. SOTI, AirWatch, Avalanche, Intune, etc.). Typically, users are able to set up and deploy BlueFletch tools in less than an hour.