Android Security Solutions for Retailers

BlueFletch Enterprise helps secure and manage shared Android devices in retail environments while empowering employees to become more productive.

Common Retail Challenges BlueFletch Enterprise Solves


Fast Login & Authentication

It might surprise you how much time is lost every year for two simple tasks: typing usernames and passwords and resetting forgotten passwords. Requiring separate usernames and passwords for each app is a huge burden for retail employees; it’s time-consuming, frustrating, and can pose security vulnerabilities.

BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher is a solution that allows employees to login once and gain immediate access to all their business apps through single sign-on.  By authenticating directly with your existing Identity Provider, BlueFletch Launcher provides the fastest login experience possible. Less time waiting, more time working!

Bluefletch secure Android launcher in use
mobile Honeywell scanner scanning item in retail store


Device and User-Level Security Control

Retailers often need to lock down shared mobile devices and disable features and functionality to prevent user misuse.

BlueFletch Enterprise provides robust security features that IT admins need to safeguard company data and secure device fleets. With BlueFletch Enterprise, you can implement role-based access to apps, enable “Open Zone” when a user isn’t logged in to keep data safe, configure smart logout rules, and clear running apps upon logout. 


Total Device Visibility

Purchasing a fleet of rugged smartphones and tablets is a considerable investment for any company. Maintaining a strong security posture for these devices becomes a top priority for an enterprise looking to protect their assets, especially after investing a sizable amount of money. Organizations need constant visibility into analytics that show them a device’s location, user logs, battery health, network connection, and allow them to monitor whether or not their fleet is running the right software.

BlueFletch Launcher and Support Agent work in tandem to provide complete device visibility, capturing 60+ critical data points in real-time. The tools allow you to view user login/logout events, audibly ping devices, and receive low battery alerts to reduce device loss and establish user accountability. 

Retail associate using rugged enterprise android TC52

Retail Case Study

See how a home improvement retailer reduced device loss with BlueFletch Enterprise.

BlueFletch Enterprise: Key Solutions

Fast, Secure Login for Any and Every Application

BlueFletch Launcher with secure Single Sign-On (SSO) helps retailers eliminate password vulnerabilities while also allowing their workforce to become more productive.

Simple Integration with Existing Identity Provider

BlueFletch Launcher easily integrates with Identity Managers like Active Directory, Azure, and Okta, eliminating the headache of a complex setup process for IT teams.

Multi-Layered Device and User Security

The need to protect data on the mobile devices used by employees has never been more important. Leverage the BlueFletch Launcher to lock down devices and settings, control user app permissions, and configure custom logout rules.

Total Device Visibility and User Accountability

View current or most recent users on each device to enforce accountability with device check-in/check-out data. Proactively mitigate device loss with low battery alerts and locate misplaced devices with our Device Finder APK.

Common Retail Use Cases that BlueFletch Solves


Retail employees need access to apps at their fingertips

Retail employees use many apps at work and they need a distinct password for each. This actually puts organizations at risk because users are reluctant to create multiple complex passwords and instead adopt bad password habits, like using the same password across all their apps. Given that 80% of hacking-related breaches are due to weak or stolen credentials, retail organization need to ensure their employee login and authentication process is secure.


BlueFletch Launcher with Single Sign-On

BlueFletch Launcher offers a fast and frictionless login process by using single sign-on to securely authenticate users and give them immediate access to the business apps tied to their role or permission level. With BlueFletch’s single sign-on support for any mobile, web, legacy, or third-party application, retail employees can spend less time fumbling with passwords and more time tending to civilians and carrying out critical tasks. 

  • Customize access policies per application
  • Integrate with your existing Identity Provider to secure app access in a way that works best for your business
  • Streamline the login experience for your workforce, providing immediate and secure access to all their business apps 
  • Reduces authentication time from 30 seconds to less than a second, potentially saving minutes each day for field workers
BlueFletch launcher user interface and functionality
BlueFletch custom launcher compared to default Android launcher


Default Android Launchers offer limited security control for shared retail devices

Default launchers that come with your newly purchased rugged Android devices aren’t designed for shared-user scenarios. They offer minimal security control and functionality needed to lockdown devices and protect sensitive data. 


BlueFletch Launcher with custom security and lockdown controls

The BlueFletch Launcher was designed to provide advanced enterprise-grade security features retailers need to safeguard data and secure Android device fleets – without impeding employees’ productivity and increasing support costs. Our launcher is more than a kiosk; it’s a highly customizable and secure home screen that provides a single sign-on login experience for employees. 

  • Restrict apps based on a user’s permission level
  • Control access to settings to prevent misuse
  • Automatically uninstall foreign applications that aren’t whitelisted 
  • Configure custom logout rules such as session timeouts, no device motion, or device cradled
  • Clear running apps and cached data upon logout


Device loss and limited visibility

IT and security resources for retail organizations often lack real-time visibility of their device fleets. Not knowing a device’s whereabouts, health, last known user, network, and software information makes it difficult for teams to securely manage and support their rugged Android devices in the field.


Total device, user, and data awareness

The BlueFletch Enterprise empowers IT admins with complete visibility of their device fleet in real-time. BlueFletch Enterprise can be implemented to any Android device running 5.0 and above, so it is the optimal solution for gaining actionable data across your mixed device fleet and environment. 

  • Check-Out and Check-In data allow you to know which employees currently have what device and when they last used them
  • Data points such as the device’s remaining battery capacity allow resources to proactively order battery replacements before you’re down a device in the field
  • Device Finder and GPS integrations verify the location of your rugged Android devices 
Support Agent showing device management metrics


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