Playbook + Android EMM

Flexible Mobility Management

BlueFletch Enterprise Installer can be used as a standalone Android Enterprise EMM, or layered on top of your existing mobility management system for increased functionality and flexibility.


Enhance the Functionality of Microsoft Intune

Before you dive into implementing Microsoft Intune in your organization, make sure you have the proper tools in place to support and secure your rugged Android devices.

Download the datasheet to learn how BlueFletch Playbook MDM and Enterprise Installer toolset augments Intune for increased Android security and flexible device and app management.


Flexible Device and App Management with Playbook MDM

BlueFletch’s Playbook MDM is designed to provide more in-depth functionality and customizations that goes above and beyond what is offered with standard Android Enterprise MDM/EMM providers. Interested in purchasing or creating a personalized solution? Discover more.

Push File Manipulations

Install APKs, config files, and certificates directly to a device without having to go through the Google Play Store. 

Install Applications Directly to Devices

Download, configure, and install your business apps directly to a device without having to go through the Google Play Store 

Schedule and Automate OS Updates

Control the specific timing of when you want to perform OS updates and patch upgrades

No Required End-User Interaction

Install applications and push updates without requiring end-users to accept permissions or click dialog boxes


Android Enterprise EMM for Dedicated Devices

From deployment to retirement, BlueFletch’s Google-validated Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution offers a consistent and simple way to manage, configure, and secure your rugged Android devices. Learn more about our Enterprise SSO solutions here!

Google-Verified EMM

BlueFletch’s EMM solution is built on the Android Management API’s and leverages Google’s cloud infrastructure for security, scale, and consistency.

Centralized Console for Easy Device Monitoring

Admins can have unpreceded control from a single console, allowing them to set up, deploy, locate, secure, and manage any device, anywhere.

Fast Enrollment and Provisioning

Simplify the deployment of Android devices in bulk with Zero-Touch Enrollment (ZTE), or other various methods including QR, NFC, and code.

Enforce Policy Controls on the Fly

Deploy configuration profiles on devices, control access to corporate resources, and enforce security policies specific to your organizational needs.

Device Remote Control

Access devices in the field remotely to quickly debug from the BlueFletch EMS web console. Admins can view the screen in real-time and use point-and-click navigation to interact with the device. 

Supported Devices

BlueFletch Enterprise currently support Android 5.0 + on devices from Zebra, Honeywell, Datalogic, Spectralink, Samsung, Newland, Motorola, and Nokia.

BlueFletch Enterprise Installer FAQ

The BlueFletch toolset currently supports Android 5+ across a variety of device types from Zebra, Honeywell, and Nokia. 

BlueFletch Installer and Playbook can be deployed via any modern MDM (e.g. SOTI, AirWatch, Avalanche, Intune, etc.). Typically, users are able to set up and deploy BlueFletch tools in less than an hour. 

BlueFletch’s Playbook MDM can be used to fill the functional gaps for managing and securing devices with Microsoft Intune. Playbook MDM can help augment Intune in four key areas: file administration, device security and lockdown, device remote control, and advanced device control. Learn more here.


See how Liberty Advisor Group leveraged the BlueFletch EMM to deploy fully managed devices to pilot their new Virtual PPE solution to customers in less than a day.

What Customers Say About BlueFletch Enterprise Installer?

“BlueFletch’s toolset is perfect for dedicated device scenarios. With their support, we were able to create a policy and enroll devices in just a few clicks…which is not possible with other EMM providers.”

Michael Magnifico
CTO of Liberty Advisor Group



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