Login & Authentication

Tools designed to securely authenticate users across all your applications, integrate with your existing identity provider, and provide end-users with a frictionless login experience. 

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Key Features

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Single Sign-On

Allow employees to simply log in once and gain immediate access to all their mobile, web, legacy, and third-party business applications.

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Identity Provider Integration

Leverage your existing Identity Provider to authenticate and manage users. 

BlueFletch supports all major IDP’s (such as Okta, Ping, ADFS, OAuth, and OneLogin) and does not require a server connector. 

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Passwordless Authentication

Instead of having to remember and repetitively enter usernames and passwords, users can log in by use of NFC badge tap, fingerprint biometrics, voice, barcode scanning, or face recognition and gain immediate, quick access to their apps through single sign-on. 

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Enterprise Password Manager

A Password Manager that applications can use to store credentials in a secure vault and autofill credentials for end-users.

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Device Check-In/Check-Out

Create device accountability by seeing which users currently have what device and when they last used them.

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Intelligent Login

Intelligent Login is an authentication solution that helps authenticate users quickly and accurately based on a configured risk profile.


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