Login, SSO, and UX for Shared Android Enterprise Devices

The BlueFletch Enterprise toolset is the trusted solution for enterprises looking to optimize the security of their shared Android devices while improving the experience of their end users.
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Who is BlueFletch

BlueFletch has been the go-to for the last 15 years for Enterprises looking for employee-facing mobile solutions. BlueFletch has been trusted by companies such as:

BlueFletch Enterprise - Capabilities

Advanced login and SSO capabilities
Including support or NFC, PIV, FIDO2, and Biometrics.
IDP Integration 
Integration into all modern Identity Providers including Azure AD, Okta, and all OIDC
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Enterprise Grade Security
To help reduce device loss and improve security posture
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OEM support
For all major manufactures including Zebra, Honeywell, Samsung and others.
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Easy to deploy
With all MDM/EMMs including SOTI, WSO, Intune, or any Android Enterprise EMM

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