Android Enterprise Launcher

A highly secure and customizable home screen replacement for Android workforce devices that ties into all major Identity Providers and provides a fast login experience using single sign-on.


Fast, Simple Login Process For End-Users

BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher enables a frictionless login across any and all applications using single sign-on.  With role-based app access and site awareness, end-users receive fast and secure access to the applications they need to do their job. 

Seamless Single Sign-On

Eliminate the need for users to remember and repeatedly enter their username and passwords for each application. With BlueFletch SSO, users can use one set of login credentials to get immediate access to all their business apps. Learn more about our Enterprise SSO solutions.

Quick (<5 second) Login

By authenticating directly with all major Identity Provider backends, you can provide the fastest login experience possible for end-users. Less time waiting, more time working! 

Modern Re-Authentication

Employees can re-authenticate using NFC, FaceRec, Fingerprint Biometrics, Barcode, and PIN to instantly access devices and apps instead of fumbling with passwords.


Multi-Layered Device and User Security

BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher provides an added layer of security and integration that goes above and beyond what you get with any other Launchers. 

Device and User-Level Security Control

Display applications to users based on their role and restrict access to settings and other applications using a configuration whitelist. Androids zero touch enrollment simplifies the onboarding process.

Identity Provider Support

Integrates into all major Identity Providers (e.g. Azure AD, Okta, SailPoint, Ping), allowing consistent enterprise security out-of-the-box. 

Configurable Logout Events

Logout can be triggered based on custom events such as device cradled, no detected motion, and timer per role.

Clear Cached Data Upon Logout

Clear running apps, destroy session tokens, and remove cookies upon logout to keep sensitive data secure. 


Actionable Data for Total Device Visibility

BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher provides accountability of devices down to the user level, allowing managers and operation teams to locate lost devices and keep associates accountable for returning devices at the end of shifts.

Capture Login/Logout Events

With check-in/check-out data, you can see which users currently have what device and when they last used them to maintain device accountability.

Device Finder and Battery Alerts

Built-in configuration tools to find missing devices using network access points and dispatch audible alerts a battery threshold is met to keep devices from going missing.

Detailed Login and User Data

Feed login and usage data into any backend data services to support end-to-end visibility of device usage.

What Customers Say About BlueFletch Launcher

Supported Devices

BlueFletch Enterprise currently support Android 5.0 + on devices from Zebra, Honeywell, Datalogic, Spectralink, Samsung, Newland, Motorola, and Nokia.

BlueFletch Entrprise Launcher FAQ

Yes, the BlueFletch Launcher is designed to be highly configurable to meet all your organization’s needs. 

Via a configuration, you can customize the background UI of Launcher’s home screen to incorporate your company’s branding elements such as logo, color theme, icons, widgets, shortcuts, etc. 

BlueFletch Launcher also has a pluggable authentication model that allows you to support any backend authentication and identity provider.

BlueFletch EMS currently supports Android 5+ across a variety of device types from Zebra, Honeywell, Samsung, Datalogic, Newland, Spectralink, Panasonic, and Nokia. 

BlueFletch Launcher supports integration into all modern backend identity providers (Azure AD, Okta, Ping, Active Directory, etc.).

Any apps that handle modern OIDC token, Chrometabs, SAML, support out-of-the-box single sign-on. We also have a drop-in SDK. Additionally, we have an auth proxy for Terminal Emulation. Additionally, custom plugins can be built for anything not covered by existing plugins. 

BlueFletch Launcher can be deployed via any modern MDM (e.g. SOTI, AirWatch, Avalanche, Intune, etc.). Typically, users are able to set up and deploy BlueFletch tools in less than an hour. 

BlueFletch Launcher is an included feature of the BlueFletch Enterprise. Pricing is based on device count. You can view pricing information here.

BlueFletch partners with an extensive network of leading device manufacturers, technology providers, and system integrators. Our primary focus is on enterprise customers and their success.  Visit our partner page or contact us at if you are interested in partnering with BlueFletch.


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