Good Partners Create Value

"There is no one solution that fits all"

BlueFletch recognizes that technology in the Enterprise Mobility space is driven by a variety of different solution providers, each specializing in competencies that are specific to client needs. What that in mind, we have worked with a variety of partners across different technologies over the last decade. As with our customers, when we work with partners, we are committed to ensuring their success on projects. Whether we are building custom enterprise apps, or we are helping customers implement our EMS tools, we understand that better relationships with our partners will help move projects faster and create a more valuable solution.

Hardware Platforms

The OEM hardware manufacturers in the dedicated mobile device space continue to be the foundation for the growth of enterprise mobility.  We value our relationships with hardware providers to ensure our engineers are well versed in building solutions for these platforms and to ensure our EMS tools are validated across these devices.  The following are some of the key platforms we support:

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions we have built partnerships with include: MDM/EMM providers, Cloud providers, IAP providers, Analytics Tools, and Line of Business App providers. For our Enterprise Launcher, we are constantly looking to add SSO capability for as many application providers as we can. The following are some of the key solutions we support:

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VARs continue to be the enablers that help companies deploy new Mobile rugged android devices to employees. Resellers in the enterprise mobility space leverage BlueFletch’s EMS tools to help improve value, reduce security threats, and improve the end-user experience for rugged Android enterprise rollouts. Additionally, we help resellers build bespoke apps for customers when there is not an existing technology solution that meets their needs. VAR we work with include:

Barcoding Inc

Why Partner with BlueFletch?

BlueFletch is committed to helping our customer and our partners look like rockstars. If you are looking to resell our solutions, or if you are interested in learning how you can integrate with our tools, reach out to schedule an intro call at