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An Android application and background service that collects and displays device-specific data in real-time to better manage and support your device ecosystem.

Support Agent device management dashboard

Getting Started with Android SSO



Add BlueFletch to your IDP

Most modern IDPs, such as EntraID or Okta, allow you to configure applications that are federated. We have quick setup guides for configuring most IDPs.



Ensure your applications are federated into your IDP

Many applications already have support for SSO via OIDC/oAuth or SAML. Your IDP owner will need to enable these apps for SSO.



Configure the BlueFletch launcher

BlueFletch Enterprise allows you to easily customize the look and feel specific to your brand and application set.



Deploy BlueFletch to your devices through your EMM/MDM

BlueFletch Enterprise can be deployed through any modern MDM (including Intune, SOTI, and WSO) or through our built-in Google-certified Android Enterprise EMM tool.


Background Service that Collects Real-time Data

Deploy the Support Agent APK to your devices in the field and capture key data points and critical device events in real-time. 

Hardware Data

Collects 25+ hardware data points every thirty minutes including battery health, network, and vendor exposed data. 

Software and OS Data

Captures data such as OS version, patches, reboots, restarts, installed app version, and app usage time to validate devices in the field are properly equipped. 

Support Agent SDK

Allows custom and third party applications to leverage the Support Agent for reporting custom data.

Customizable Web Dashboard

Data that is captured is stored in the cloud and can be displayed in a customizable dashboard with KPIs and ad-hoc queries. 


Interactive Support Application for End-Users

Support Agent’s frontend support app enables users to easily contact the help desk, perform self-service password resets, and view device-specific data for faster troubleshooting. 

Device Specific Data

Displays real-time device data that users can reference for easier, faster troubleshooting with less device downtime.

ServiceNow Support Tickets

Allows end-users to easily open a ServiceNow ticket with relevant device information for expedited troubleshooting and less device downtime. 

Self-Service Password Reset

Enable end-users to solve password reset issues themselves without needing to call on the service desk. 


Actionable Data for Total Device Visibility

Support Agent works in tandem with BlueFletch Launcher to maintain device accountability and get more value out of user logins, single sign-on, and device security. Learn more about our Enterprise SSO Solutions!

User Login/Logout Events

With check-in/check-out data, you can see which users currently have what device and when they last used them to maintain device accountability.

Device Finder and Battery Alerts

Locate misplaced devices with network access point data and built-in configurations that dispatch audible alerts when devices reach a low battery threshold.

Feed Data to Third Party Tools

Device, application, and user data can be fed into any backend data services (i.e. Splunk, Power BI) to support end-to-end visibility of device usage.

Supported Devices

BlueFletch Enterprise currently support Android 5.0 + on devices from Zebra, Honeywell, Datalogic, Spectralink, Samsung, Newland, Motorola, and Nokia.

BlueFletch Support Agent FAQ

The BlueFletch EMS toolset currently supports Android 5+ across a variety of device types from Zebra, Honeywell, Samsung, Datalogic, Newland, Spectralink, and Nokia. 

BlueFletch Support Agent can be deployed via any modern MDM (e.g. SOTI, AirWatch, Avalanche, Intune, etc.). Typically, users are able to set up and deploy BlueFletch tools in less than an hour. 

The BlueFletch EMS toolset captures data points across 20+ event types. The full list of events and data collected can be reviewed at: 

Additionally, the Support Agent has an SDK that apps can write events to. 
We can display any text string on our Launcher based on delivering a .txt file with the string(s) to the device. Alternatively, we support Site ID, Serial Number, and assigned Extension number out-of-the-box. The following is the documentation describing how to leverage custom txt based files for display:

BlueFletch partners with an extensive network of leading device manufacturers, technology providers, and system integrators. Our primary focus is on enterprise customers and their success.  Visit our partner page or contact us at if you are interested in partnering with BlueFletch.

Support Agent is an included feature of the BlueFletch Enterprise Mobile Security (EMS) toolset. EMS pricing is based on device count. You can view pricing information here.


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