5 Key Considerations for Buying or Building Enterprise Mobility Software

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    When it comes to implementing new enterprise mobility solutions, the dilemma of whether to buy off-the-shelf software or build a custom solution internally can be difficult. To help make this critical decision, consider these 5 key factors:

    1. Customization Requirements

    • Off-the-shelf software may lack flexibility to adapt to your processes
    • But heavy customization is expensive and hinders future upgrades
    • “Draw a line” around how much customization is feasible long-term
    • Too many mods make it tough to integrate future product upgrades. Learn more about Bluefletch products!
    1. Time to Market

    • Does your initiative need to launch by a regulatory or strategic deadline?
    • Buying software is often the fastest route to market
    • But building custom allows you to take your time if deadlines permit
    • Consider running a pilot with an off-the-shelf solution to start
    1. Support and Maintenance

    • Who will handle ongoing support – your team or the vendor?
    • Building custom means dedicating resources to stay ahead of all updates
    • Off-the-shelf allows the vendor’s team to fully focus on the product
    • But their roadmap may not always perfectly align with your needs
    1. Intellectual Property Protection

    • For some, mobility is core to their competitive differentiation
    • In these cases, building proprietary software protects your IP
    • For most, it’s about digitizing business processes which are trade secrets
    • An off-the-shelf solution can likely meet these process automation needs
    1. Total Cost of Ownership

    • Initial license costs for off-the-shelf can be high
    • But custom build is “9 out of 10 times more expensive”
    • However, heavy customization also adds significant ongoing costs
    • Consider the 3-5 year TCO, not just upfront pricing

    By carefully evaluating these 5 key areas, organizations can confidently make a more informed buy vs. build decision tailored to their mobility needs.

    Building a Bulletproof Business Case for Enterprise Mobility

    Once you’ve evaluated the key considerations for buying or building your enterprise mobility solution, the next major hurdle is building a convincing business case to secure leadership approval and funding.

    An air-tight business case is critical for such a strategic, potentially costly initiative. Here are some tips for constructing a bulletproof proposal:

    Define Objectives & Metrics for Success

    • What core challenges/problems will this solve for your business?
    • How will you measure ROI and determine if it’s successful? (e.g. productivity gains, cost savings, revenue uplift, etc.)
    • Build a phase-gate plan with specific milestones and KPIs to hit

    Map to Overarching Business Strategy

    • Tie the mobility investment directly to high-level company goals and priorities
    • For example, improving field service efficiency, optimizing warehouse operations, empowering a mobile workforce
    • Demonstrate how it advances digital transformation, innovation mandates

    Identify Areas of Impact

    • Which teams, departments, regions, processes, etc. will it affect?
    • Calculate potential value and efficiency gains in each area
    • Think broadly across the business, not just one narrow use case

    Get Front-Line User Feedback

    • Don’t make assumptions – survey the actual users to uncover their needs
    • Hold focus groups with employees who will leverage the mobility solution
    • Find examples where they currently struggle with outdated processes

    Build Consensus Across Stakeholders

    • Don’t let it be just an IT project – evangelize the vision company-wide
    • Get stakeholder input and buy-in from other departmental leaders upfront
    • Find an influential executive sponsor to be the internal champion

    Model out Costs & Projected ROI

    • Get realistic budgets and implementation estimates from potential vendors
    • Build multi-year operating and maintenance cost forecasts
    • Calculate NPV, IRR, payback period based on estimated benefits and savings

    By taking a holistic approach that maps enterprise mobility to strategic goals, incorporates user feedback, aligns all stakeholders, and shows quantifiable ROI projections – you’ll have a much stronger business case that leadership can’t ignore.


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