Unleash Possibilities with Datalogic Memor 20: Your Mobile Partner

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    Editor’s note: our team conducted this device review for the Datalogic Memor 20 in February 2020.  

    MANUFACTURER: Datalogic
    MODEL: Memor 20
    OPERATING SYSTEM: Android 9 Pie

    Datalogic recently added another addition to their growing roster of rugged Android devices, the Memor 20. Released in April 2020, this rugged personal device assistant was designed to support scanning-enabled applications in Retail, Healthcare, Transportation and Logistics, and Manufacturing. 

    In addition to its large 5.7″ touch display, the Memor 20 has some other unique scanning and battery features that set it apart in the rugged Android space. 

    Since BlueFletch is continuously evaluating and recommending hardware for our clients, we decided to conduct an in-depth review of the Memor 20 from Datalogic. 

    How easy is it to manage?

    The Memor 20 comes preinstalled with Android 9 (Pie) in the Google Mobile Services (GMS) variant and has been validated by Google as an “Android Enterprise Recommended” rugged device. This will allow you to take advantage of the Android Enterprise API’s and all the additional features that Google has built into the operating system. 

    How easy is it to secure?

    Customers can obtain “Datalogic Shield”, a software security offering that provides quarterly Android security patches and OS upgrades, as well as support for 2 years after the device’s end of sale.  

    For hardware security, the Memor 20 includes a front-facing combination home button together with fingerprint sensor for secure authentication. Also, the Smart Dock feature provides a unique locking function that further secures devices from unauthorized use.

    How easy is it to stage?

    Datalogic includes their Scan2Deploy functionality for their Android lineup, similar to what they supported with their Windows CE devices. Scan2Deploy includes functionality for MDM/EMM enrollment, file deployment, and application installation. They also support the Android Enterprise OEM config. Lastly, they have a tool called DXU for configuring device logging and remote management. 

    Scanning Performance

    We found the maximum reliable scanning range for a 1×1 inch QR code is 21 inches, right under 2 feet. 

    The 2D ultra-slim imager, featuring the patented “Green Spot” technology for good-read confirmation, is the thinnest industrial scanner on the market. Having the green dots appear on the scanning output will be useful in loud environments, where workers may need visual validation that a successful scan occurred. 

    We have heard that Datalogic has plans down the road to release a longer-range version as well. 


    Memor 20 incorporates Datalogic’s industry-first wireless charging system for reliable contactless charging, eliminating the need for cleaning contacts and pins – a frequent point of failure in heavily used retail and industrial deployments. The device also comes with a one-piece battery that can quickly be swapped by users in the field.

    Datalogic also has a newly developed connected smart dock with locking functionality, which helps protect against unauthorized device use, loss, or theft. 

    Cellular Performance

    The cellular network will support two SIM cards. So if you wanted to have a higher cost or least cost network associated with the device, it would be useful in field scenarios (especially when you’re in fringe areas between two cell providers). 

    Developer Support & API Availability

    We tested the Memor 20 in our lab, but haven’t had a chance to take it out in the field since the device was just recently released. 

    We’ve really enjoyed working with Datalogic’s API’s and SDK so far, and we’re excited to continue testing our Enterprise Mobility Suite software on the device. 

    Look & Feel

    The first thing that stood out to our team was the large 5.7″ display size, which is comparable to a large-format iPhone or Pixel XL, and it swipes very nicely. 

    The touch and overall lighting is a little darker than we’d like it to be, but we’ll see what updates they’ll roll out with future releases. 

    The 2-line LED top display screen is one of our favorite things about the Memor 20. This second display is very useful for sending notifications to employees (such as BOPIS alerts), especially during multi-tasking scenarios. 

    The devices also has front and rear color cameras. To see the full spec list, click here.  

    Accessory Ecosystem

    Datalogic has a variety of available accessories for the Memor 20, including a rubber boot to withstand drops from 6 ft, a pistol grip handle for intensive quick scanning, vehicle mount dock for transportation applications, as well as 1-slot and 3-slot charging docks. 


    BlueFletch Enterprise Mobility Suite Score

    The BlueFletch team installed the Memor 20 with our Enterprise Mobility Suite software to see how the device performs, supports, and scales in the enterprise. 

    We gave the Datalogic Memor 20 an “EMS Support Score” of 4.7/5 based on the following categories: hardware, performance, development, supportability, and look & feel. 

    Here at BlueFletch, we understand how critical it is for software and hardware to work in tandem.

    We want to ensure the software we build can function properly on the Android device it’s deployed to. 

    Although BlueFletch doesn’t sell hardware, we continuously evaluate devices so that we can make the best recommendation for our customers. 

    If you have any questions, or if there is a device you’d like our team to review, feel free to reach out to us at info@bluefletch.com.