Shared Android Devices – Kiosk Mode vs. Enterprise Launchers

Richard Makerson from BlueFletch discusses ways retailers can lockdown and control devices with Kiosk Mode and Enterprise Launcher software


Rick Makerson  
So user and app security, how do we keep these devices, users, and applications safe? And so it’s really thinking about kiosk versus launcher discussion. And so, let’s just define them. So kiosk really is just a mode you can put the device in. It’s meant for that device to be a single-purpose device, whether it’s a price checker or Wayfinder. Maybe you’ll see this and government and citizen engagement if I wanted to pay for a parking ticket. So on that device, I’m only able to do one thing and nothing else, which is typically using an application. And early on, as companies were beginning to migrate to Android. This worked, okay. But as organizations are maturing and need to support multiple applications use multiple applications at once, and have shared devices. They realize a launcher, like the launcher we offer, is very important. And so a launcher is different from a kiosk mode because a launcher, in the Android sense, takes over that whole home screen. And it controls the entire experience. It just doesn’t isolate you to that one application. And so it provides you a lot more control and supports a much more complex environment, a complex set of use cases. And so when you think about a launcher, you want to think about, you know, is this device going to be shared? You know, if it is going to be shared, how can I have user accountability? Think about the shared scenarios. So if I have an environment with multiple roles, you know, having a launcher that’s able to clean up a session or make sure that privileges from a manager session doesn’t bleed into an associate session, that could allow price overrides that those things don’t happen. But also the ability to support single sign-on, which is something I’ll talk about a little bit later. But when thinking about the launcher landscape, there are a lot of out-of-the-box options that are available. You know, most of the major endpoint management systems offer them from workspace one to Sodhi. If you’re in healthcare, you may be familiar with impro body and what they offer. And you know, some of the OEMs Honeywell and zebra both have Enterprise home screens along with the blue Fletch launcher,

Brett Cooper  
In the retail space, are there any other launchers that hold the majority of the market share? What are people using? 

Rick Makerson  
I see three trends in retail, at least from my experience. One, they typically go with the default. So what’s available? Is there anything from workspace one, somebody, zebra Honeywell, that that’s available, and where you have, you know, a complex need, you know, that’s where a lot of our customers have found us need to support Single Sign On or blending legacy applications or want more control over the Device or Device compliance. And then, we also see some organizations build their own launcher. And so they want to, you know, totally control that experience. And so, you know, they’re taking that burden on.

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