Enterprise Mobility Suite is a set of software tools to help you to improve login experience, reduce lost devices, simplify MDM deployments, and get more visibility into your fleet of Android mobile devices.

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A secure home screen replacement for dedicated enterprise Android devices that provides multi-user single sign-on (SSO) 
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A background service that captures and reports device-specific events to increase visibility and reduce Help Desk costs 
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An Android focused Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution, built on Android Management API’s
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See for yourself

How does the BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher compare to VMWare, Zebra, Soti, and Honeywell launchers?

  • Single sign-on
  • Reduce Device Loss
  • Capture user level check-in/check-out events
  • Ping devices and configure alerts
  • Lockdown device settings
  • Restrict apps by user access level or role-based permissions
  • Smart logout
  • Background service that collects and reports device-level events
  • 60+ hardware, software, and OS data points collected
  • Customizable dashboard for KPIs
  • Device Locator Tool
  • Ad-hoc reporting with built-in query engine
  • Event-based alerting
  • Integrates with third party data analytics tools (e.g. Splunk, Power BI)
  • Host and manage notifications internally
  • Google verified EMM built on Android Management API's
  • Leverages Google's cloud infrastructure for security, scale, and consistency
  • Supports multiple enrollment & provisioning methods
  • Utilizes Managed Google Play for mobile application management
  • Comprehensive device policies and security controls

Supported Devices

EMS is currently validated and functioning with 2018 models and up from Zebra, Honeywell, Datalogic, Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung.

We continue to certify new devices from other manufacturers and vendors each quarter.

If you have a device you are interested in certifying, please contact us. ​

All-in-one toolkit for managing dedicated devices