End of Year Roundup: BlueFletch EMS

BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher

This year with Enterprise Launcher, we focused on improving the login experience for end-users as well as making it easy as possible for IT admins to secure, manage, and integrate into their existing environments. Check out our SSO guide here!

Some of the features we’ve added include:

CROSS-DEVICE NFC LOGIN: Password problems, good riddance (just like 2020)! Instead of having to remember and repetitively enter usernames and passwords, users can simply tap their NFC badge to a device and gain instant, secure access to all their applications through SSO. Our NFC authentication solution supports rapidly switching users on shared devices too, minimizing login disruptions to their workflow.

FINGERPRINT BIOMETRIC LOGIN: For all the folks who fat-finger passwords, we see you. And we’ve been you. That’s why we added an authentication plugin that allows fingerprint re-authentication on devices that support fingerprint scanners. 

SUPPORT FOR CUSTOMIZABLE ICONS: What is optimal for your device home screen? Do you want large app icons to make it easier for your employees wearing gloves to use? Or do you want smaller icons so you can fit all your apps on one screen? Either way, our Launcher can support whatever your preference is. 

IVANTI SSO INTEGRATION: Through our partnership with Ivanti, BlueFletch Launcher now supports single sign-on into Ivanti’s Terminal Emulation (TE) clients. If you haven’t seen the solution in action, you can check it out here.

ZEBRA PROFILE MANAGER INTEGRATION: This solution allows organizations to integrate single sign-on authorization into the device and Zebra’s Profile Manager. Profile Manage then sets up the Push-to-Talk Pro settings, allowing for seamless integration into organization communications. 

IMPROVED SUPPORT FOR MICROSOFT APPS: Launcher now supports Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL), giving you and your users a much more simple and improved experience when accessing Microsoft apps (e.g., Microsoft Teams).

DEVICE SCRIPTING ENGINE: We built a scripting engine to authenticate any one-off apps that don’t support SAML or OAuth. With this DeviceScripting Engine, Launcher runs the gamut and provides SSO for any application out there. 

BlueFletch Support Agent

Support Agent works in tandem with Launcher to provide more value out of user logins, single sign-on, and security. This year our team added new features and enhancements to help businesses minimize device loss and reduce operational support costs.

Some of the features we’ve added include:

DEVICE FINDER TOOL: We’ve all set our keys down somewhere and forgotten about them. The same thing happens with enterprise mobile devices. We incorporated a Device Finder feature to help employees locate misplaced devices and reduce device loss. 

LOW BATTERY ALERTS: If we had a dollar for every device we’ve seen left on a warehouse shelf or out of someone’s line of sight, we could buy Apple’s new (ridiculous-looking and overpriced) AirPods Max. So to keep this from being a recurring problem, we incorporated a built-in configuration that triggers an audible notification if a device is not moving or falls below a certain battery threshold.

SERVICENOW SUPPORT TICKETS: Did you know that less than 20% of end-users report issues that occur with their dedicated mobile device to IT support? Frontline workers don’t have the time, bandwidth, and in more cases – patience – to walk to a desktop portal and submit a ticket. To minimize this disruption, we added an easy way for employees to access ServiceNow on their handheld devices. Through the Support Agent frontend app, users can quickly open a ticket with relevant device info. The end result? Expedited troubleshooting + happier, productive employees.

ACTIVE LOCATION TRACKING: In Support Agent, we’ve added support for enabling active GPS location tracking, which allows you to utilize data to plot the different locations of your device as events happen. This feature is another way we help companies achieve device visibility and accountability.

Enterprise Installer

Our team has made some tremendous advancements with Enterprise Installer this year, starting with being validating by Google. Paired with Launcher and Support Agent, our EMM solution gives companies more visibility, security, flexibility, and unmatched support of their dedicated Android devices. 

Some of the features we’ve added include:

FULL GOOGLE EMM CERTIFICATION: Earlier this year, our EMM solution was validated by Google for supporting all the standard Android Enterprise features for work profile, fully managed, and dedicated device management sets. We also support NFC, QR, Zero-Touch Enrollment, and code base enrollment and provisioning.

SCHEDULE ANDROID ENTERPRISE POLICIES: Since Android Enterprise out-of-the-box doesn’t allow you to customize when policies are deployed, we added functionality to give admins precise control over when policies are published to devices.

DEVICE REMOTE CONTROL: Troubleshooting devices in the field without being able to see what’s happening on them is a lot like helping your relatives figure out how to join their first zoom call: it’s difficult and takes longer than it should. BlueFletch Remote Control allows IT admins to take the burden off the end-user by remotely viewing, navigating, and fixing device issues in real-time from the EMS Web Portal. Goodbye device downtime!

PLAYBOOK ENHANCEMENTS: Think of Playbook as the Patrick Mahomes of Enterprise Installer. He issues commands, executes plays, and has a pivotal role in the team’s success. This year we added some enhancements to BlueFletch Playbook that position it as the MVP, especially when augmented with Microsoft Intune or other MDMs. With Playbook, you can deploy advanced actions to devices (such as file actions, cert installs, and StageNow actions XML) for enhanced functionality of your existing tools. 

Device Ecosystem and Support

BlueFletch EMS software tools currently support Android 5.0-10 on devices from Zebra, Honeywell, Datalogic, Spectralink, Samsung, Newland, Motorola, and Nokia. 

Our team works closely with OEMs to ensure the software we build functions properly on the Android device it’s deployed to. We are currently testing and validating Android 11 as devices are released next year.

Until Next Time...

I’m sure we can all agree we’re glad 2020 is coming to an end, but we want to take a moment and thank you for your continued support and partnership this year. 

As we look ahead to 2021, we are excited to make further advancements to our EMS software toolset to better secure and manage dedicated Android devices in the enterprises. 

If you have any specific features you are looking for to make your devices more secure, or if you have any other questions about our EMS tools, we’d love to hear from you. You can reach out to us at info@bluefletch.com