Ivanti Velocity: Empowering Businesses with Next-Gen Mobility Management and Security

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    Ivanti Velocity: Empowering Businesses with Next-Gen Mobility Management and Security

    Ivanti: The Mobility Management Powerhouse

    Ivanti is a mobility management platform that brings together the tools and features necessary to create a secure, efficient, and user-friendly mobile workspace. It offers a multitude of functionalities designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Let’s delve into how Ivanti can help your organization:

    In today’s fast-paced, digital world, businesses are constantly adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of mobility and remote work. Ensuring the security of corporate data while providing employees with the flexibility to use their preferred devices is a delicate balancing act. This is where Ivanti, a comprehensive mobility management platform, steps in. Ivanti empowers businesses to implement robust security policies, manage devices, applications, and content while embracing a zero-trust approach, offering a wide range of benefits to organizations of all sizes. Check out our Enterprise SSO guide here! 

    With the integration of the BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher single sign-on solution with Ivanti’s Velocity, Terminal Emulation, and Industrial Browser software, frontline employees will only have to login once to authenticate their identity, rather than each time they open a business app. 

    See how it works in the short video below: 

    Zero Trust Security

    One of the standout features of Ivanti is its commitment to zero trust security. It utilizes cutting-edge technology such as zero sign-on (ZSO) and multifactor authentication to ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive corporate data. Zero trust security is crucial in an era where cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated.

    Mobile Threat Defense (MTD)

    Ivanti takes security a step further with embedded mobile threat defense (MTD). This technology constantly monitors and identifies potential threats on mobile devices, proactively protecting your corporate data from malicious attacks and ensuring your sensitive information remains confidential.

    Customizable Security Policies

    With Ivanti, you have the flexibility to configure security policies tailored to your specific business needs. Whether you need to enforce stringent data encryption, restrict app installations, or apply geofencing for device access, Ivanti’s policy management tools have you covered.

    Device Management Made Easy

    Ivanti simplifies device management, allowing you to set up and protect devices seamlessly. This is particularly valuable in a world where remote and mobile workforces are becoming the norm. Whether your team is working down the hall or scattered around the globe, Ivanti ensures they can operate efficiently and securely.

    Automation for Efficiency

    The automation capabilities of Ivanti extend beyond device management. Ivanti automates IT and Security Operations, simplifying the discovery, management, security, and servicing of devices, from the cloud to the edge. This not only saves time and resources but also minimizes the risk of human errors.

    Enterprise-Grade Security for Small Businesses

    Ivanti’s enterprise-grade security is not limited to large corporations. Small businesses can benefit from the same level of security, ensuring that no matter the size of your organization, your data and devices are protected.

    Combining BlueFletch’s single sign-on solution with Ivanti’s mobile enablement solutions creates a unified device and application login. With this integration, customers can take advantage of productivity gains, fewer password problems, and a better user experience. 

    Frontline employees have enough tasks on their plate as is; the last thing they need slowing them down is having to log in to multiple business apps throughout their workday. Improving the login process not only provides a better experience for end-users, but it also can result in tremendous cost savings for organizations.  

    Based on a recent study our team conducted, it takes an average of 20 seconds for a user to enter their credentials and log in to an app. To put numbers into perspective, consider the below assumptions:

    • 10,000 associates (nationwide using shared devices)
    • $10.00 per hour
    • 8 logins per day per associate (once per hour per shift) x 20 seconds each
    • 260 working days
    • Total time spent on logins as a dollar value = $1,157,000.00

    Simplifying the login process using our Enterprise SSO solution with Ivanti’s mobile enablement solutions is an easy way to reduce friction in the warehouse and retail environments.  

    If your organization is looking for guidance or more information about our Enterprise Launcher SSO solution, email us at info@bluefletch.com.

    Final Thoughts

    In an age where mobility and remote work are becoming increasingly essential, Ivanti stands as a powerful solution for businesses looking to embrace these changes without compromising on security.

    The platform’s zero-trust security, mobile threat defense, customizable security policies, easy device management, and automation capabilities make it a comprehensive choice for businesses of all sizes. Ivanti is not just a tool; it’s a strategic advantage that empowers your workforce to do their best work, securely and efficiently.

    If you’re looking to boost productivity, enhance security, and streamline your mobile workforce management, Ivanti might be the game-changing solution your organization needs. With Ivanti, your business can navigate the challenges of the modern digital landscape with confidence.