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Device Review: Zebra TC52/TC57

Our team conducted an in-depth device review of the TC52/TC57 Series from Zebra Technologies. See why these devices are a top choice among our developers and end-users.

Device Review: Zebra EC30 Enterprise Companion

Our team reviewed the EC30 Enterprise Companion Device from Zebra. To summarize our analysis into one sentence: don’t let the size of the device deter you from its functionality.

Lockdown enterprise devices without an MDM using BlueFletch Launcher and StageNow

Enterprise Mobile Devices can be managed using methods other than traditional MDMs as long as device security is stout. That technique might not be considered an industry best practice but we’ve seen admins manage devices in their own way to meet business requirements while using familiar toolsets. Despite the negative perception of ‘skirting’ using an MDM, it can be easy and secure to manage devices without one.

Staying “old school” with device management is a practical option for certain organizations and scenarios. If your company is opposed to an MDM-based solution due to complexity or cost, this is how you would ensure devices still conform to your needs.

Strategies for Enterprise Android Deployments

As with all technology in the enterprise, uptime is critical for handheld devices.  To ensure this, mobile software deployments for thousands of devices requires careful planning, testing and attention to detail.  I’ve outlined some best practices and tips learned from assisting many companies with their rugged Android deployments via Mobile Device Management tools (MDMs). These are the key areas that I typically will provide guidance to companies on.

Considerations for Staging Enterprise Android Devices

Each organization will have a unique approach to staging devices; however, there are overarching principles that should be considered by all organizations. Ensuring the topics below have been addressed should help shape a reliable and scalable process for provisioning ruggedized Android devices. These concepts and recommendations are based on BlueFletch’s experience of designing and piloting staging processes for many clients, from a few hundred devices to over forty thousand.