Patrick McGlynn

Patrick McGlynn

Certified Android Enterprise Expert • Manager at BlueFletch • Enterprise Mobility & Security


Patrick McGlynn is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience and expertise in the fields of technical sales, project management, and business analysis. He has consistently demonstrated his capabilities in delivering top-notch solutions to clients and partners throughout his career.


Certified Android Enterprise Expert: Patrick holds the prestigious certification of being a Certified Android Enterprise Expert, showcasing his in-depth knowledge and proficiency in Android security and enterprise mobility solutions.

University of Georgia Alumnus: Patrick McGlynn is a proud graduate of The University of Georgia, where he acquired a strong educational foundation that has contributed to his success in the professional world.

Professional Experience:

Senior Manager, Sales and System Engineering (BlueFletch)
July 2019 – Present | 4 years, 3 months

In his role as Senior Manager at BlueFletch, Patrick has played a pivotal role in technical sales, client onboarding, and partner relations. His primary focus has been on promoting and delivering BlueFletch’s SaaS offerings targeting shared Android security and single sign-on (SSO). Patrick’s dedication and expertise have been instrumental in driving the company’s success in this area.

Senior Project Manager (BlueFletch)
January 2017 – Present | 6 years, 9 months

Patrick’s role as a Senior Project Manager has involved leading and managing mobility projects for some of the largest retailers globally. His responsibilities include overseeing various aspects of projects, such as UEM setup, migration, deployments, configurations, and communications. His contributions have contributed significantly to the successful execution of these complex projects.

Business Analyst (BlueFletch)
May 2014 – January 2017 | 2 years, 9 months

During his tenure as a Business Analyst at BlueFletch, Patrick demonstrated versatility by wearing multiple hats in the product lifecycle. He actively participated in requirement gathering, UX/UI design, and QA testing, showcasing his comprehensive understanding of both consumer and enterprise mobile application development. Patrick’s role was pivotal in transforming ideas into real-world solutions.


Technical Sales: Patrick excels in the art of technical sales, effectively communicating the value and benefits of complex solutions to clients and partners.

Project Management: His extensive project management experience includes leading large-scale mobility projects for major retail clients, ensuring smooth deployments and configurations.

Business Analysis: Patrick’s ability to wear multiple hats during the product development lifecycle, from requirements to design to testing, highlights his proficiency in business analysis.

Android Security: As a Certified Android Enterprise Expert, Patrick possesses deep knowledge of Android security and enterprise mobility solutions.

Enterprise Mobility and Security: With his extensive background in managing mobility projects, Patrick is well-versed in enterprise mobility and security practices.

Patrick McGlynn’s impressive track record and diverse skill set make him a valuable asset in the fields of technical sales, project management, and business analysis. His commitment to excellence and continuous learning has earned him recognition as a trusted expert in his field.