BlueFletch Integrates Enterprise Launcher Single Sign-On Solution with Ivanti Velocity, Terminal Emulation, Industrial Browser, and Device Management Software

ATLANTA — October 20, 2020 — BlueFletch, an Atlanta-based software company focused on helping enterprises secure, manage, and support their company-owned devices, announced its integration of Enterprise Launcher single sign-on solution with Ivanti’s mobile enablement solutions. Together, this integration empowers IT teams to bring an efficient and secure single sign-on experience for users. 

Ivanti® Velocity, Terminal Emulation, Industrial Browser and device management software has delivered mobility solutions to improve supply-chain efficiency and worker productivity for three decades. The company is a pioneering innovator in mission-critical device management, terminal emulation, industrial browsers, and voice enablement. 

“We are excited to partner with Ivanti Wavelink, the leader in enterprise mobility solutions, to bring a unified device and application login that can further improve productivity and improve a company’s bottom line,” said Richard Makerson, CEO and Managing Partner of BlueFletch.

With this announcement, BlueFletch’s Enterprise Launcher is the only platform that provides single sign-on for Ivanti’s mobile enablement solutions. Integrating the two solutions produces an experience where users no longer have to log in multiple times to each host profile. 

By combining BlueFletch’s single sign-on solution with Ivanti’s mobile enablement solutions, customers can take advantage of the following: 

  • Increased employee productivity: users will spend less time toggling between host profiles and logging in multiple times, freeing up time to focus on other more important tasks.
  • Improved user experience: users will only have to log in once to authenticate their identity and access all their business applications, rather than each time an application is launched. BlueFletch Launcher supports multiple re-authentication methods for added ease-of-use including NFC, fingerprint biometrics, facial recognition, and barcode scanning.
  • Improved security and device accountability: users must log in to the device rather than applications, so a check-in / check-out log is created to improve accountability and reduce device loss.

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About BlueFletch

BlueFletch is an Atlanta-based Enterprise software company focused on helping Enterprise secure, manage, and support their company-owned devices. Clients come to us to build and deploy mobile solutions when their IT teams lack the bandwidth or available skills. Our team of 40+ experienced consultants, all based out of Atlanta, Georgia, help our clients move fast and deliver results for mobility projects that are critical to the business. 

Ivanti Wavelink
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