BlueFletch Partner Program Overview

October 12, 2PM ET / 11 AM PT

Unveiling the BlueFletch Partner Program: A Path to Excellence

In the ever-evolving world of technology, collaboration and partnership are key elements that drive innovation and success. Companies are constantly seeking ways to enhance their product offerings and services while maintaining the highest standards of quality. For organizations involved in mobile workforce management and device security, the BlueFletch Partner Program offers an exciting opportunity to thrive through collaboration. In this blog, we’ll explore the BlueFletch Partner Program, its benefits, and how it can lead to excellence. Learn more about Android security.

The BlueFletch Partner Program: An Overview

The BlueFletch Partner Program is a strategic initiative designed to foster collaboration with technology companies, system integrators, and service providers. It provides a framework for partners to join forces with BlueFletch, a leading provider of mobile workforce solutions and device management software, to deliver enhanced value to their clients and customers.

Key Components of the BlueFletch Partner Program:

Access to Cutting-Edge Technology: Partnering with BlueFletch grants access to their state-of-the-art technology solutions. This includes mobile device management, application development, and security software that can empower partners to address the unique needs of their customers.

Training and Support: The program offers comprehensive training and support to partners, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills required to successfully implement BlueFletch solutions. This support includes technical resources, marketing materials, and ongoing guidance.

Co-Marketing Opportunities: BlueFletch partners gain exposure to a broader audience through co-marketing opportunities. This collaboration allows for joint marketing efforts, webinars, and events, helping partners expand their reach and attract new clients.

Customization and Integration: BlueFletch’s solutions are highly customizable, allowing partners to tailor them to the specific requirements of their clients. This flexibility ensures that partners can deliver unique and effective solutions to their customers.

Customer Success: The BlueFletch Partner Program prioritizes customer success. Partners receive dedicated customer support to help them navigate challenges and ensure client satisfaction, leading to long-term, successful relationships.

Benefits of Joining the BlueFletch Partner Program

Enhanced Portfolio: Partnering with BlueFletch diversifies a company’s service portfolio, allowing them to offer cutting-edge mobile workforce solutions and device management software to their clients. This can lead to increased revenue streams and long-term client relationships.

Market Leadership: BlueFletch is recognized as a leader in the field of mobile device management and workforce solutions. Partnering with such an established brand can bolster a company’s reputation and credibility in the market.

Competitive Advantage: The ability to offer BlueFletch’s innovative technology solutions can provide a competitive edge, helping partners stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Scalability: The flexibility and scalability of BlueFletch solutions enable partners to address the needs of clients of all sizes and industries, opening up new business opportunities.

Final Thoughts

The BlueFletch Partner Program is an exciting avenue for technology companies, system integrators, and service providers to unlock their full potential and excel in the realm of mobile workforce management and device security. By joining forces with BlueFletch, partners can access cutting-edge technology, receive training and support, engage in co-marketing initiatives, and ultimately deliver exceptional value to their clients.

In an era where collaboration and innovation are paramount, the BlueFletch Partner Program is a pathway to success, allowing partners to stay at the forefront of technology and provide their clients with top-notch solutions that drive efficiency, security, and productivity. Partnering with BlueFletch is not just an opportunity—it’s a journey towards excellence.

Interested in Becoming a BlueFletch Partner?

Get an overview of the BlueFletch partner program, and how it can benefit your mobility customers!

BlueFletch Enterprise helps companies secure, manage, and support their rugged and shared workforce device fleets in the retail, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and healthcare industries, as well as government organizations.

BlueFletch helps:

  • Increase worker productivity through Single Sign On (SSO) and rapid login / logoff of shared devices
  • Customize device environments based on login IDs and roles
  • Alleviate customer’s mobile device loss
  • Create custom check-in / check-out solutions for mobile devices
  • Take advantage of BlueFletch’s SDK and services to create custom device analysis and management solutions

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