The BlueFletch Launcher is a home screen replacement for dedicated Android devices that are shared in enterprise environments.

Login once, access all your apps with single sign-on

  • Utilize your existing Identity Provider to authenticate end-users
  • Show or hide applications based on end-user role or permission level
  • Pass authenticated session information to line-of-business apps using the BlueFletch Launcher's content provider
  • Works with all identity providers and delivers one secure login solution for all your web, mobile, legacy, and third-party apps
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Find devices before they go missing

  • Capture device-level login and logout by users
  • View current or most recent users logged into the device
  • Leverage network data with login/logout events to more accurately locate devices in large areas
  • Dispatch audible alerts to track down misplaced devices
  • Signal audible alerts based on critical battery-level thresholds
  • View reports of devices not seen on the network

Manage security on your terms

  • Disable access to device settings to prevent tampering with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth profiles
  • Supports secondary authentication into active sessions after a device has been put to "sleep"
  • Customize smart logout rules (e.g. logout on cradle events, inactivity timeouts, device not detecting motion)
  • Immediately terminate running applications, destroy session data, and remove cookies on logout
  • Enables open zone or "Kiosk Mode" when user isn't logged-in to prevent use or access to sensitive data

Customizable look and feel

  • Customize logos, colors, and layout to match company branding
  • Folders support
  • Customizable weblets
  • Site specific customization


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