Security Management for Workforce Devices

Enterprise-grade security toolset for rugged and shared Android devices 

Android Security Tools

Advanced capabilities for login, SSO, session management, and device lockdown above and beyond what you get with standard EMM solutions.  

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Security Management for Rugged / Shared Android Devices

BlueFletch EMS is a suite of security tools built specifically for Android Enterprise dedicated devices. The BlueFletch EMS platform allows enterprises to provide multi-user SSO with all major Identity solutions to reduce help desk and operational support costs.


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Employees Leveraging Shared Devices

This article describes the savings our clients have gotten by using the BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher. The data for this post is based on one specific retailer that we recently helped roll out thousands of new devices. The cost savings we have seen across different retailers ranges based on factors such as shifts, apps, and usage patterns.


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