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Legacy Migrations

Switching from legacy to modern applications doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. At BlueFletch, we’ll help you migrate to modern Android devices, consolidate key mobile functions, and deliver it all in a secure interface that’s incredibly easy to use.

As the leading firm helping companies transition legacy to modern mobile devices, we have successfully migrated applications and devices across large enterprises including The Home Depot, JCPenny, Havertys, and Academy Sports. To be successful in your legacy migration, there are a few key steps you need to perform: Migration Analysis, Migration Package Creation, Testing and Deployment Support.

Our approach mitigates the risk of business disruption, reduces maintenance costs, and maximizes the return on your mobility investments. Contact our team and we will help you determine how to migrate your existing apps and provide a glimpse into the functionality of a modern mobile app.

Employee Facing Apps

With over a decade of hands-on experience in enterprise mobility, our team of in-house mobile experts are well-versed in building both native and cross-platform apps that help drive business value. We deliver full-cycle mobile development services, including concept, UI/UX design, prototyping, programming, quality assurance testing, and deployment and support.

Whether Android, iOS or Web, our team is fully equipped to develop applications with complex systems or hardware integrations. Our solutions overcome our client’s most challenging problems and empower employees to better serve their customers.

Here are some of the milestones we’ve achieved in the following industries:


BlueFletch redesigned Academy Sport’s legacy SIM terminal emulation functions and ported them to the modern Android device (TC70), leveraging the existing backend services.


The Flight Family Communication app we built for Delta Airlines brought a 65% increase

in on-time departures and is continuing to improve customer and employee experiences.

Food & Beverage

We worked with Coca-Cola to create Neko, a digital signage platform that provides customers with a next-generation content management cloud solution for in-outlet placement. Our solution has the capability to manage and curate content in real-time.  

Warehouse T&L

The driver app we built for Haverty’s white glove delivery included an employee time clock, truck/equipment check out, delivery routing, proof of delivery, and photo upload.

Schedule a consult if you’d to drive your business to the next level.

Proof of Concepts

With most companies focusing on mobile strategies and investing heavily in software, tools, and devices, there is a natural need to kick the tires before pulling the trigger on their next mobile-related investment. A well-executed proof of concept (POC) is an excellent way to test the feasibility of an idea or demonstrate a theoretical concept in practice.

BlueFletch has the knowledge, resources, and experience to quickly build a POC that gathers meaningful and measurable data to show stakeholders the concept has tenable value and potential for long-term success.

Most large-scale problems can be solved by the introduction of a series of small solutions without necessarily having to go through the development or deployment of a solution in need of a large initial investment.

Contact our team if you’d our help carrying out a POC that will relay the ROI to your audience.

EMM/MDM Tooling

Whether you need help implementing a new EMM or cleaning up your processes around existing tooling, our best practices and expertise can help you attain simplicity, reliability, and scalability.

We worked with Woolworth’s, the largest retailer in Australia, to consolidate three legacy MDM instances into a single AirWatch environment and migrated 23k device (including 500 printers) over to AirWatch. We also engineered an automated staging process with single barcode scans on Zebra devices, enabling field rebuilds to reduce device swap costs.

Contact our team if you’d our help maximizing your EMM/MDM deployment.

Mobile Strategy

With over a decade of experience in enterprise mobility, leverage our expertise when your teams need guidance on topics like devOps, software & technology selection, or long-term hardware planning.

If your organization is looking for assistance to drive a mobile project, we offer a free workshop session in which we cover topics tailored to your specific interest area. If you’re interested in the opportunity to pick our brains about our experience developing mobile solutions and enterprise apps, schedule a consult to get started in the right direction.

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BlueFletch had the creative ability to develop a UX design and interactive demo for us when we didn't even really know what we wanted. Their experience, combined with their ability to pluck out what was unique about our situation, made for a situation where we knew we wanted what they designed the first time we saw it.

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