Single Sign-On (SSO), Secure Login, and Productivity Tools for Android

User Efficiency on Shared Workforce Devices

Brands that Trust BlueFletch

BlueFletch Enterprise: Security Management for Workforce Devices

  • SSO for Mobile Workforce Devices

Simplify User Log-in on Shared Devices

Save over $800/year per device with SSO

Minimize Lost or Stolen Devices

Enterprises lose up to 15% of their device fleet a year

Improve Shared Device Experience for Users

Keep employees happy with capabilities that improve their jobs

  • BlueFletch and Samsung Device

Reduce the Cost to Support Devices

Support costs can annually exceed 20% of the device cost a year

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Getting Started with BlueFletch



Add BlueFletch to your IDP

Most modern IDPs, such as EntraID or Okta, allow you to configure applications that are federated. We have quick setup guides for configuring most IDPs.



Ensure your applications are federated into your IDP

Many applications already have support for SSO via OIDC/oAuth or SAML. Your IDP owner will need to enable these apps for SSO.



Configure the BlueFletch launcher

BlueFletch Enterprise allows you to easily customize the look and feel specific to your brand and application set.



Deploy BlueFletch to your devices through your EMM/MDM

BlueFletch Enterprise can be deployed through any modern MDM (including Intune, SOTI, and WSO) or through our built-in Google-certified Android Enterprise EMM tool.

Try Out BlueFletch Enterprise

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