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When History Repeats Itself: Is Apple the new Microsoft?

Although Apple has done a great job catering to consumer needs, they are ignoring a segment of legacy enterprise mobile users. With every new OS release, they are removing features that enterprises who develop internal applications need in order to be successful. And the iOS13 update to notifications is the tipping point…

Is An MDM Really Necessary?

When rugged devices first were deployed into the wild, the modern MDM solutions we know today did not exist. The pioneers of enterprise mobility had to create solutions for the problems they faced. Early in my career at Accenture we essentially built a platform on top of Windows CE that allowed applications to shared common components in order for us to rapidly build mobile applications. However, so many of the legacy devices that have served in warehouses, grocery stores, airports, etc., need to be replaced and so should the old way of managing rugged devices.