CipherLab RS35: Empowering Efficiency and Mobility in Retail Operations

BlueFletch’s Patrick McGlynn takes a hands-on look at the new CipherLab RS35 Mobile Device. Take a look at CipherLab RS51.


Patrick McGlynn

Hi, I’m Patrick with BlueFletch. And today, we’re going to take a hands-on look at Cipher Labs’ handheld Android devices. Cipher Labs released their first Android device back in 2015. And with a solid international presence, they’re currently growing their market share in the United States. I’ve been provided the RS35 device to test and demo. So let’s take a look at some of the features. The RS35 is marketed as a pocketable consumer-style smartphone with ruggedized features. It’s ideal for retail and light transportation, and logistics industries. You can see it’s pretty thin and lightweight, especially when compared to the more rugged RS51. 

This model ships with Android 10. But of course, it can be upgraded to Android 11 and future Android versions as they are released. So how does BlueFletch Enterprise complement this device? Well, with the built-in NFC reader, we can provide our password for this login to Azure AD. Use badge taps to quickly access your device. And the front-facing cameras are a great tool for using our chat, video call, and validating a user on login price point for this device is cheaper than other major OEM offerings in the same category. And since they’re manufactured in Taiwan, there have been fewer supply chain issues when compared to those devices built in China. Overall, we’ve been impressed by this newer player in the market, and we’re excited to watch their growth.

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