CipherLab RS51: Navigating the Features and Capabilities

In our latest device review, Patrick McGlynn breaks down the features of CipherLab’s RS51 rugged mobile device.


Patrick McGlynn

Hey, I’m Patrick with BlueFletch. And today, we’ll take a hands-on look at the Cipher Labs RS51 device.

Cipher Labs released their first Android devices back in 2015. They’ve been kind enough to provide me with the RS51 device to test and demo. So let’s take a look at some of the features. The RS51 is marketed as a rugged smartphone for TNL delivery and field mobility. You’ll notice it’s much more rugged and designed in the RS35, which is their pocketable carry device. This is their most rugged offering, and it is sealed with IP six, five, and six-seven for dust and liquid prevention. This model ships with Android 8 but can be upgraded to Android 11 and future Android versions as they are released. 

You’ll see I have the pistol grip accessory for rapid scanning. But you can also use the hard buttons for scanning as well on the side. So how does BlueFletch complement this device? Well, with the built-in NFC reader, we can provide our password list login to Azure AD via an NFC badge tap or a FIDO2 key tap. This device also has a rear-facing camera that can be used for using video chats or making audio calls with our chat tools. We’ve worked with their engineering team to ensure our software is compatible with their device. We’ve completed our platform signing to ensure that we are completely certified to control these devices. 

If you’re interested in demoing one of these devices with our software, please reach out we’d love to help us get your demo setup and a proof of concept in your environment. Thank you for watching. Make sure to like and subscribe to BlueFletch’s channel we’ll be back with more device reviews


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