Device Finder | BlueFletch Feature Highlight

Check out our Device Finder feature, which allows for real-time mapping and AR augmented reality for device locationing.


Rick Makerson  
Hi, I’m Rick with BlueFletch, and on today’s feature highlight is our updated device finder application; let’s get started. 

Lost or misplaced workforce mobile devices are a huge problem for many organizations. We talked to some companies that were losing up to 15% of the devices every year before they started using BlueFletch. With some devices costing an excess of $1,000. This can add up to a large capital expense very quickly. Today we’ll explore how BlueFletch is helping companies lose fewer devices. 

The BlueFletch Enterprise Toolset helps you tackle device loss in two different ways. First is our device finder application. Device finder lets you view a list of devices at your site. If a device gets lost, you can view where the device is on a map. Once you’re near where the device was misplaced a device finder can help you pinpoint the exact location leveraging Bluetooth beaconing technology. Or you can trigger an audible sound to be played. If you’re using Wi-Fi six compatible hardware with RTT enabled, you can also leverage our AR viewer to help you locate your lost devices. BlueFletch also supports locating lost devices that are turned off by leveraging the smart BLE batteries on Honeywell or zebra devices. 

The second way BlueFletch helps you reduce lost devices is through the creation of check-in checkout reports. BlueFletch Launcher allows your management team to see who used the device last. If a device doesn’t get returned, an automatic report can be generated and sent to your leadership team at your facilities. We have seen this accountability and visibility drive double-digit improvements in reducing device loss. 

If your organization is interested in learning more about our device minor solutions, please reach out to us to schedule a demo. Stay tuned for our next feature highlight.

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