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 B2B Technology Marketer

Fred Go, a distinguished B2B technology marketer, proudly holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology, graduating in 1992. In addition to his academic achievements, Fred is a dynamic force in the marketing world, known for his ability to define, launch, and expand the presence of disruptive products and services.

Fred Go’s expertise is not only a product of his education and experience but is also enriched by his current role at BlueFletch. He serves as a valuable contributor to BlueFletch, an Atlanta-based company focused on building mobile software solutions that secure rugged Android devices while enhancing the end-user experience.

With a dual commitment to innovation and excellence, Fred Go is your go-to expert for achieving marketing success. Trust in his expertise and experience, combined with his role at BlueFletch, to help you craft winning marketing strategies that drive your business forward. Contact Fred Go today to embark on a journey of marketing excellence.


Education: Fred Go is a highly accomplished marketing professional with a solid academic foundation. He graduated from the renowned Georgia Institute of Technology in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management.

Professional Experience: With over 9 years of experience in B2B technology marketing, Fred Go has consistently demonstrated his ability to define, launch, and expand the presence of disruptive products and services. He has held key roles in various organizations, where he has successfully implemented marketing strategies that drive growth and innovation.

Expertise: Fred Go’s professional strengths include:

  • Defining value propositions and go-to-market plans that resonate with target audiences.
  • Generating awareness and interest among prospects and influencers, fueling successful product launches.
  • Developing targeted content, competitive intelligence, and sales tools to drive effective sales engagements.
  • Measuring key performance indicators to ensure marketing programs are optimized for success.
  • Specializations: Fred Go specializes in a range of critical marketing areas, including:
  • Positioning and messaging
  • Content marketing
  • Product launch campaigns
  • Product marketing
  • Demand generation
  • Thought leadership programs
  • Branding strategies
  • Public/analyst relations

Current Role: Fred Go is currently a vital member of the BlueFletch team, an Atlanta-based company dedicated to building mobile software solutions. In his role at BlueFletch, Fred contributes his expertise to enhance the security of rugged Android devices while improving the overall end-user experience.

Commitment to Excellence: Fred Go’s dedication to achieving marketing excellence is unwavering. His combination of academic achievements, extensive industry experience, and a current role at BlueFletch reflects his passion for innovation and his commitment to delivering exceptional results for clients.

Fred Go’s credentials make him a trusted and accomplished marketing professional, uniquely qualified to tackle the challenges of today’s dynamic business landscape. For marketing strategies that drive success and growth, Fred Go is the expert you can rely on. Contact Fred Go today to explore how he can help you achieve your marketing goals.