FIDO2 Authentication | BlueFletch Feature Highlight

BlueFletch’s Richard Makerson walks through the features of FIDO2 authentication and how it can be leveraged with BlueFletch Enterprise. Learn more about our SSO guide here!


Rick Makerson  
Hi, I’m Rick with BlueFletch, and in today’s feature highlight, we’ll be showcasing FIDO2 keys for passwordless authentication; let’s get started. Passwords are a big problem for many organizations; locked accounts and password resets account for the largest spend of helpdesk and support time at most companies. 

One of the newer technologies introduced to help combat this problem is passwordless authentication, using FIDO2 keys. FIDO stands for fast identity online. FIDO2 is an open standard that has been adopted by many of the larger technology organizations such as Microsoft and Google. Today we’ll explore how BlueFletch is enabling customers to leverage FIDO2 standard for passwordless authentication on shared workforce devices. 

BlueFletch is currently the only solution designed to support FIDO to log in on shared Android workforce devices. Using the blue flex launcher, you can leverage the NFC-enabled FIDO2 keys, such as YubiKey, or FIDO keys, to tap on your device and log in without having to remember your passwords. The process requires a secure pin that your end users will set to associate their unique FIDO2 key. The process is commonly referred to as two-factor authentication. Once a user is logged into the device, they can seamlessly get single sign-on access for any of their apps. By leveraging NFC-based FIDO2 keys, your company will save money through two key areas. First, users will spend less time logging into devices having to log into individual applications. We performed a study with one customer who saved over $800 per year by leveraging BlueFletch Launcher with SSO. Second, helpdesk calls for password resets will be substantially reduced. According to a Forrester study, the average password reset costs a company $70 per call. 

Now let’s walk through how to log in. The login flow using FIDO2 keys is similar to a password login, but you’re prompted for your pin and tap your FIDO key. Once you log in, you’re able to access all of your SSL-enabled applications without having to retype your password. Upon logging out of your session, data is securely wiped from your device. BlueFletch supports any standard NFC-enabled FIDO key such as YubiKey or FIDO key. We support passwordless authentication on any modern rugged Android device that is NFC enabled, such as Zebra or Honeywell. The BlueFletch Launcher can also be used for fast NFC reauthentication during a work shift if a device has gone to sleep. 

If your organization is considering or would like to leverage passwordless authentication to reduce time spent resolving lost passwords, support a seasonal workforce, or just allow your workforce to be more productive. Please reach out to learn more.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please stay tuned for our next feature highlight.

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