Okta Setup for the BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher

Okta Setup for Enteprise Launcher

This tutorial covers the single sign-on Okta setup for the BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher. Okta is a popular tool used by Enterprises for providing a single sign-on (SSO) identify provider for applications.  Due to the popularity of Okta, a number of the users that leverage the BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher leverage OKTA. Learn more about our Enterprise SSO guide here!

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During this video, we will walk through how to configure Okta to allow the BlueFletch Launcher to authenticate users via the OpenID Connect protocol.

The following is a summary of the main steps covered in this video:
  • Creating a new native application type in Okta as OpenID Connect:
    • Create application name for the BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher
    • Enter a redirect for the login URI (com.bluefletch.launcher/callback)
    • Enter a redirect for the logout URI (com.bluefletch.launcher/logout)
  • Edit the Application
    • Setup Token (check refresh) 
    • Use PKCE  (keep this selected, it normally defaults to PKCE)
    • Get the client credential and ID (Save for adding into your BlueFletch Enterprise launcher configuration)
  • Assign the Authentication group (or users) you would like to use.  Note: You can use the same Okta configuration for multiple groups and still have different on device configurations specific to each group. 
  • Leverage the above information for your BlueFletch Launcher Configuration

For questions on Okta Setup or more information about BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher, feel free to reach out at ems@bluefletch.com.

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Hello, this tutorial will cover how to set up Single Sign On through Octa for the BlueFletch enterprise launcher. I will be showcasing how to configure Okta to allow the BlueFletch launcher to authenticate users via the Open ID connect protocol. It should be noted that this guide was created using the classic UI view in the Okta portal; first, go to the application tab. Then click Add application. From here, click new application. A new application module will open, and select the native app in the drop-down as your application type. By default, it will use Open ID connect to fill out the application name. For this tutorial, we will call it B F EMS launcher. Then fill out the redirect URI and log out URI. The redirect URI is comm dot BlueFletch dot launcher colon forward slash callback. The Logout URI is calm dot BlueFletch dot launcher colon forward slash log out. Once you have filled in the fields, click Save. Next, go to the General tab and click Edit. Check off the refresh token. Update the Initiate login Euro with your Okta instance URL. Scroll down to see the mobile client credentials. A client ID will also be generated. Provide this client ID to BlueFletch for configuration into the launcher. Leave us PKC II selected. Next, go to the assignment tab. Here you will assign the users and groups that will be allowed to authenticate with the launcher. The first click Assign, then assign to either people or groups. For this example, we will assign to groups. Next, you select which group you want to assign, then click Assign. Now click done, and you’re all set. Thank you for watching our focus setup tutorial. If you have any questions, please reach out to your BlueFletch contact or send us an email at EMS at BlueFletch.com.