Okta Setup for the BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher

Okta Setup for Enteprise Launcher

This tutorial covers the single sign-on Okta setup for the BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher. Okta is a popular tool used by Enterprises for providing a single sign-on (SSO) identify provider for applications.  Due to the popularity of Okta, a number of the users that leverage the BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher leverage OKTA. 

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During this video, we will walk through how to configure Okta to allow the BlueFletch Launcher to authenticate users via the OpenID Connect protocol.

The following is a summary of the main steps covered in this video:
  • Creating a new native application type in Okta as OpenID Connect:
    • Create application name for the BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher
    • Enter a redirect for the login URI (com.bluefletch.launcher/callback)
    • Enter a redirect for the logout URI (com.bluefletch.launcher/logout)
  • Edit the Application
    • Setup Token (check refresh) 
    • Use PKCE  (keep this selected, it normally defaults to PKCE)
    • Get the client credential and ID (Save for adding into your BlueFletch Enterprise launcher configuration)
  • Assign the Authentication group (or users) you would like to use.  Note: You can use the same Okta configuration for multiple groups and still have different on device configurations specific to each group. 
  • Leverage the above information for your BlueFletch Launcher Configuration

For questions on Okta Setup or more information about BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher, feel free to reach out at ems@bluefletch.com.

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