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The Intern Experience – Alisa Yakovenko

One of our interns, Alisa Yakovenko, shares her experience about what it was like to work at BlueFletch this summer as a QA/Business Analyst intern on the EMS team.

The Intern Experience – Anna Dingler

One of our interns, Anna Dingler, shares her experience about what it was like to work at BlueFletch this summer as Android Developer intern on the EMS team.

Streamline Zebra Device Updates for Smooth Operations

BlueFletch’s OS Upgrade Tool ensures Android OS and security patches complete on the first try, without failure. With customizations not available from MDMs and multiple safety checkpoints, we ensure minimal downtime for Zebra devices when applying updates.

Simplify Employee Logins with BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher

Simplify your login process with our BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher, a touchless single sign-on tool that provides a secure way for associates to log in to modern Android devices and immediately access all their applications based on their permission level.

An Introduction to BlueFletch

BlueFletch CEO and Managing Partner Richard Makerson gives a brief introduction to BlueFletch services and products

5 Essential React Native Libraries for Seamless Development

React Native is an increasingly popular framework for building cross-platform mobile apps. Unlike other cross-platform development frameworks, React Native compiles down to true native instead of running Javascript inside web views. On its own, React Native is powerful, and with the introduction of a few great libraries, it becomes even more valuable.