Elevate Control: Android Enterprise Mobility Management Redefined

ATLANTA, GA – June 9, 2020 – BlueFletch, an Atlanta-based software company focused on helping enterprises secure, manage, and support their company-owned Android devices, today announced that its mobility management solution, Enterprise Installer, has been validated by Google™ for supporting all the standard Android Enterprise features for work profile, fully managed, and dedicated device management sets. 

“BlueFletch is thrilled to have our Android-focused EMM solution validated by Google. Built on Android Management APIs, we are able to leverage Google’s cloud infrastructure for security, scale, and consistency,” said Richard Makerson, CEO and Managing Partner of BlueFletch.

“Google’s Android Enterprise focus has made enormous strides since its initial launch. With offerings like Android Enterprise Recommended, OEM Config, and Google Play Protect, they are continuing to transform the enterprise mobility landscape by providing a versatile, best-in-class experience.”

The BlueFletch Enterprise Installer EMM solution is paired with existing BlueFletch tooling, Enterprise Launcher and Support Agent, designed specifically for frontline employees using rugged Android dedicated devices. This all-in-one toolkit improves device traceability and user accountability with multi-user single sign-on (SSO), provides visibility into devices in real-time, and enables robust control of settings, security policies, role-based permissions, and smart logout rules.

To meet the requirements of Android Enterprise Recommended for EMMs, BlueFletch had to prove its integration with standard Android Enterprise features and demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Experience across multiple Android Enterprise management features
  • Proven ability to deliver advanced security and management features
  • A consistent deployment experience, with admin consoles that simplify set-up of Android Enterprise
  • Documentation and guides that provide best practices for Android Enterprise set-up and configuration
  • Google-trained personnel across field sales, technical pre-sales and deployment support
  • Commitment to staying current on the latest Android product features and training requirements

With BlueFletch’s EMM solution, it will be easy for customers in a range of industries to deploy, manage, support, and scale Android devices and applications consistently. For more information, visit: https://www.bluefletch.com/ems 


About Android Enterprise Recommended Program for EMMs
Android Enterprise Recommended, a Google-led program, validates Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) product offerings built with advanced Android Enterprise features by partners that can deliver trusted guidance and enterprise support. To learn more, visit here.

About BlueFletch
BlueFletch is an Atlanta-based Enterprise software company focused on helping Enterprise secure, manage, and support their company-owned devices. Clients come to us to build and deploy mobile solutions when their IT teams lack the bandwidth or available skills. Our team of 40+ experienced consultants, all based out of Atlanta, Georgia, help our clients move fast and deliver results for mobility projects that are critical to the business.