The BlueFletch Enterprise Installer allows device administrators to sequence key events that are necessary to manage rugged Android device in challenging environments.

Run "Plays" to simplify complex tasks

  • A play is an action that can be deployed to a device, such as installing an application, certificate, downloading a file, or rebooting a device
  • Intended to help simplify device and application deployments and updates
  • NFC and QR code base enrollment and provisioning

Deploy "Playbooks" to device sites

  • A "playbook" is a sequential list of plays that provides device admins flexibility and consistency when managing the state of rugged Android devices
  • Easily manage, configure, and update applications, files, and certificates on rugged Android devices
  • Silently works in the background to provide a consistent and predictable experience when managing devices at scale
  • Group multiple plays into a "playbook" and deploy those actions to targeted devices within the deployment group​


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