BlueFletch EMS Release Notes | Q2 2021

Product Updates

The following includes Enterprise Mobile Security (EMS) product updates, new feature announcements, enhancements, and bug fixes the BlueFletch team rolled out April-June of 2021. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to our team at Look here to see EMS Release notes from – Q2 2020 and Q2 2021

Enterprise Launcher


  • Luggage Tag Mode: When a device leaves an approved network, Enterprise Launcher can be configured to lock out users and display a screen that notifies the user of where to return the device. Once back on an approved network, the device will become operational again.
  • Launcher Sessions Persist on Cradle: Back by popular demand – users can configure the launcher session to persist when a device is cradled. This satisfies use cases in which users dock their devices and use a secondary screen to complete tasking on their devices.
  • Secure Notifications Tray: A custom notifications tray allows users to interact with notifications in a swipe-down style tray while preventing them from using notifications to access the settings on a device.
  • Secured Device Mode: Users can configure a countdown to start when a device is removed from a cradle. When uncradled, a notification will warn the user that a login is required in X seconds. If the user fails to login, the device will sound an alarm at maximum volume.
  • Beta Downloads: A new page has been added to the EMS Portal that allows users to download Beta builds of EMS applications.
Device locked


  • Portal Security Updates: Changes have been implemented to provide more security around new user creation, portal login, and password resets.
  • Launcher Error Handling Improved: Error handling has been improved for situations where an error has been detected in the Launcher Configuration JSON file.
  • Pinch to Zoom: EMS Browser now support pinch to zoom functionality for a better user experience on smaller screens.
  • Support for Webview and Audio: EMS browser now support camera and audio functionality.

Support Agent


  • Improved Search Functionality: Search tools for the Support Agent Dashboard have been completely revamped. Users can search by custom date ranges which now includes time constraints down to the second, as well as  preselected ranges from the past 7 days to the past 30 days. Additionally, searching by site has been improved with a more intuitive search bar that has predictive text and is pre-sorted in ascending number order.
  • Remote Control UI Updates: UI updates were made to provide a more intuitive experience when using the remote control viewer in the EMS portal.
Support Agent device management dashboard