EMS Release Notes – Q2 2020

Product Updates

The following includes EMS product updates, new feature announcements, enhancements, and bug fixes the BlueFletch team rolled out April-June of 2020. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to our team at ems@bluefletch.comLook here to see EMS Release Notes – Q1 2021

Enterprise Launcher


  • EMS Secure Browser: Created a proprietary browser to replace Chrome and allows for passing cookies to have a seamless SSO experience for web-based apps. 
  • Enable/Disable NFC: Allows NFC to be enabled or disabled for apps controlled by Launcher. 
  • Icon Customization: Custom icons can be set in the Launcher config.
  • App Badge Alerts: Applications can display notification/alert badges on the icon so that users know they have a message or alert available in the respective app.


  • Launcher 3: Updated the UI and completed some bug fixes for Launcher 3. 
  • Ivanti Integration: Through our partnership with Ivanti, BlueFletch Launcher now supports single sign-on into Ivanti’s Terminal Emulation (TE) clients. 
  • Config CheckSum Generator: The Portal now generates a CheckSum and saves it to the EMS backend so that admins can verify when a Launcher configuration change has been executed.
  • SAML Support for SSO: EMS now supports SAML for single sign-on into the EMS web-based portal.
  • MSAL Support: BlueFletch Launcher now supports Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL).   
  • Support for ADAL with ADFS: BlueFletch Launcher now supports Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) with ADFS.
  • Custom Intents: Launcher can now be leveraged to execute device actions based on events like logout, boot, shutdown, etc., providing clients with the ability to automate workflows.