EMS Release Notes – Q2 2020

Product Updates

The following includes EMS product updates, new feature announcements, enhancements, and bug fixes the BlueFletch team rolled out April-June of 2020. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to our team at ems@bluefletch.com.

Enterprise Launcher


  • EMS Secure Browser: Created a proprietary browser to replace Chrome and allows for passing cookies to have a seamless SSO experience for web-based apps. 
  • Enable/Disable NFC: Allows NFC to be enabled or disabled for apps controlled by Launcher. 
  • Icon Customization: Custom icons can be set in the Launcher config.
  • App Badge Alerts: Applications can display notification/alert badges on the icon so that users know they have a message or alert available in the respective app.


  • Launcher 3: Updated the UI and completed some bug fixes for Launcher 3. 
  • Ivanti Integration: Through our partnership with Ivanti, BlueFletch Launcher now supports single sign-on into Ivanti’s Terminal Emulation (TE) clients. 
  • Config CheckSum Generator: The Portal now generates a CheckSum and saves it to the EMS backend so that admins can verify when a Launcher configuration change has been executed.
  • SAML Support for SSO: EMS now supports SAML for single sign-on into the EMS web-based portal.
  • MSAL Support: BlueFletch Launcher now supports Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL).   
  • Support for ADAL with ADFS: BlueFletch Launcher now supports Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) with ADFS.
  • Custom Intents: Launcher can now be leveraged to execute device actions based on events like logout, boot, shutdown, etc., providing clients with the ability to automate workflows. 
Gino Emanuels

Gino Emanuels

Gino Manages EMS at BlueFletch

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