Picture of Gino Emanuels

Gino Emanuels

SaaS Customer Success Leader | Enterprise Mobile Security | Android Enterprise Professional


Gino Emanuels is a highly experienced professional in the enterprise mobility software industry, holding key roles in product management and legal functions. He has a proven track record of delivering value and security to clients. Gino’s expertise spans various aspects of business, from managing stressful situations to product development and strategy. He is known for actively listening to clients, prioritizing effectively, and collaborating cross-functionally to provide quantifiable value, security, and an enhanced user experience. Gino is well-connected and respected in the industry, making him a valuable asset in enterprise mobility and SaaS.

Professional Experience:
– Director of Customer Success | General Counsel at BlueFletch (Oct 2022 – Present)
– Director of Product Management | General Counsel at BlueFletch (Jun 2022 – Dec 2022)
– Manager – Product Management | General Counsel at BlueFletch (Aug 2018 – May 2022)

– Georgia State University College of Law

Gino Emanuels possesses a diverse skill set and extensive expertise in the enterprise mobility and software industry, including:

– Effective management of stressful situations
– Skillful stakeholder management
– Proficient problem-solving capabilities
– Strategic planning for growth
– Strong critical thinking skills
– Leveraging social influence
– Maintaining executive visibility
– Excellent communication abilities
– Expertise in customer relationship management
– Successful customer success and retention strategies
– Proficiency in strategic planning
– Specialized knowledge in solution architecture
– Deep understanding of enterprise mobility
– Product development and management skills
– Agile methodologies for efficient project management
– Resource management expertise
– Strategic product planning

Gino Emanuels is a multifaceted professional with a wide range of skills and knowledge, making him a valuable asset in the enterprise mobility and software industry.