Custom Zebra MDM TO Simplify Administration & Control

SSO, Login, and Security For Shared Android Devices.

What is the BlueFletch Enterprise toolset?

BlueFletch is an Android home screen replacement with advanced security tooling for shared Android employee devices. Companies choose BlueFletch for their Zebra Android devices to:

Who uses BlueFletch?

BlueFletch is designed to be used by any company that has shared Zebra Android devices. Clients who use BlueFletch include Retail, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing. The most common traits of BlueFletch customers include:  

Who is BlueFletch

BlueFletch has been the go-to for the last 15 years for Enterprises looking for employee-facing mobile solutions. BlueFletch has been trusted by companies such as:

Benefits and Features

Simplify User Sign-On

Case studies with our clients have shown that using BlueFletch to eliminate excessive or redundant logins can save over $800 per device annually. 

The BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher is a Secure home screen specifically designed for shared Android devices to provide the optimal secure login and SSO experience to help your employees eliminate wasted login time.  

Features of BlueFletch to Improve Sign-On Include: 

  • Support for all modern Identity Providers (Okta, Azure AD, Ping, LDAP, Sailpoint, Onelogin)
  • Passwordless Authentication with NFC, FIDO, or Biometrics
  • Customizable Login Security Rules
  • Fast Re-Authentication Capabilities
  • SSO support for all applications including Zebra WFC and Zebra Reflexis
  • Role Based Automatic Layout
  • Easy Deployment from your existing EMM/MDM solution
Robe based customized experience
Flexible Authetnication Options
Device Finder application for Users
Luggage mode and Device Lockdown

Reduce Lost and Stolen Devices

Rugged Zebra Android devices such as a TC52 or TC57 can cost between $1000-2000 USD.  Before using BlueFetch, we have found that our clients lose 10-15% of their devices every year.  Reducing just a fraction of this device loss can have significant impacts on IT spending and operational effectiveness. 

The BlueFletch Enterprise toolset attacks device loss by creating better accountability and visibility for the end users. No more calling the helpdesk to ask them to look for a device location in your MDM/EMM. 

Features of BlueFletch to Reduce Device Loss include:  

  • Automated check-out and check-in reporting. 
  • Device finder and visibility on a device application
  • Support for Zebra PowerPrecision BLE beacon batteries
  • Luggage/Lost mode for devices off premise 
  • Low Battery/Not Moving Audible alerting
  • Integration into Zebra Intelligent Cabinet Solution

Improve End User Experience

Employee engagement is critical to most companies’ success. Enabling your end users with the mobile tools they want and need can help improve their experience and engagement. 

The BlueFletch Enterprise toolset has been designed from the end user’s point of view.  Our goal is to help ensure they can quickly and easily access all of the tools and functionality they need as get their jobs accomplished. 

Features of BlueFletch to Improve User experience include: 

  • Full control of your company’s look and feel. 
  • Customizable automatic layout based on user role 
  • Widget support (native widgets, notification-based, and custom APK)
  • Support tool to reduce helpdesk call time. 
  • Secure Chat specifically designed for shared devices (data clearing, GDPR compliance) 
  • Flexible layouts for any device format (tablet, wearable, handheld)
BF Chat with text and video
Native and Custom Widgets

What our clients say about BlueFletch

HD Supply

HD Supply leverages BlueFletch to provide passwordless re-authentication for its delivery drivers on their Zebra TC57 devices. Additionally, HD supply leverages BlueFletch SSO with Ivanti and SAP for its warehouse TC70s.  Learn more in the following video: 

Advance Auto Parts

AAP Leverages BlueFletch on top of SOTI to provide Login, SSO, and Security for its Zebra Android TC57 devices. AAP leverages SSO for its applications, including Zebra Workforce Connect (WFC).  Learn more about how AAP leverages BlueFletch in the following video. 

Play Video
Play Video

Frequently Asked Questions

We already have an MDM, do I need BlueFletch?

There is some overlap between BlueFletch and tooling from some MDMs, but clients choose to put BlueFletch on top of their MDM to improve security controls and user login experience for shared Android. 

BlueFletch is designed to be deployed with any modern MDM/EMM. The most common MDMs we see our clients deploy BlueFletch are SOTI, Workspace One, and Intune.

What versions of Android does BlueFletch Support?

Clients currently run BlueFletch on Android devices from Android 5.1 through Android 13. 

Our product development team is constantly adding support for future version of Android and will align our support dates to the Android releases from Google and the OEMs. 

I have devices other than Zebra, can you support those?

Zebra leads the majority of the market share for rugged devices that are deployed in the shared user scenario that BlueFletch focuses on, but we do have clients that run other OEM devices or mixed fleets of Android devices. 

We currently have support for all major OEMs, including Zebra, Samsung, Honeywell, Datalogic, Nokia, CAT, Cipherlabs, and Spectralink.  

How long does it take to setup and configure?

Setup time for BlueFletch can vary based on the complexity of your companies security roles and configuration.  We have had clients up and running in as little as two hours. Typical activities for configuration include: 

  • Setup IDP configs and roles
  • BlueFletch UI and UX config
  • MDM deployment packaging 

How much does BlueFletch cost?

BlueFletch is licensed on a per-device annual cost.  The current pricing starts around $60 per year, with discounts for higher volumes of devices. 

The savings from reduced logins for most of our clients will typically fully pay for the licenses in the first month of usage. 

What if I need a feature not in the documentation?

BlueFletch is always iterating and improving our product.  The feature you are looking for may already be in beta testing and have not been added to our documentation yet. 

If you have a feature you need, please reach out to us at

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