Device Review: Zebra TC53/58

Zebra’s latest TC53/58 models offer various advanced features. Watch as BlueFletch’s Richard Makerson explains the power behind the TC53.


Rick Makerson  

Hi, I’m Rick with BlueFletch, and today we’re going to have a hands-on look at Zebra TC53 and 58 devices. 

Zebra announced the TC53 and 58 devices earlier this year, and this month in October, they started releasing the devices to customers. This device ships with Android 11, upgradeable to Android 15. This device comes with Qualcomm’s next-generation processor. You’ll notice Zebra implemented a new manufacturing process to ensure that this device is more rugged, supporting IP 68, but also thin and light. 

This device also comes with a larger six-inch HD Plus screen with a resolution of 1080 by 2160. This is the best screen I’ve seen on a Zebra device to date. Although I have large hands, I feel like users with smaller and medium-sized hands may find edge-to-edge use of this device a little bit more cumbersome. So something to think about for your app development teams for the next-generation applications for TC devices. 

This device is marketed for retail associates, couriers, field sales, and field workforce users. This comes with the latest wireless technology supporting Wi-Fi 6 enhanced and 5G Cellular. In the US this device supports CBRS private LTE. This also comes with a new time of flight sensor for parcel dimensioning. This device can be equipped with Zebra’s advanced scan engine, SC55. That means I can scan things as close as a few inches from the device and from across the room. Making it great for those scan-heavy environments to have that functionality packed into such a small device. 

So how does BlueFletch complement this device? Well, with our passwordless login with Azure AD, NFC logins fly on this device. Although we noticed that the NFC sensor is on the front and top of the screen, whereas we would have expected it on the back of the screen near the top or by the scan engine. Either have a great front-facing, and rear-facing camera, which makes FaceTime-like video calls with BlueFletch chat seem amazing. The rear-facing camera has a 16-megapixel sensor, which is the largest in this class, and optional with optical image stabilization can be featured on this device. Lastly, this device comes with three microphones that make heavier telephony calls. Whether it’s Push to Talk Pro or Workforce Connect sounds amazing.

If you’re interested in demoing the BlueFletch software on the new TC53/58 devices from Zebra Technologies, please reach out. We would love to set up a proof of concept in your environment. 

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