Worker Identity: BlueFletch’s Innovative Solution for Secure Workforce Management

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    BlueFletch is excited to introduce our new Worker Identity feature, designed to help companies effectively manage identities and secure access to workforce devices in a shared environment. This innovative solution addresses the common challenges faced by organizations with contingent, transient, or seasonal workforces.

    The Problem: Lack of Accountability and Security Risks

    In many workplace settings, employees often resort to bad habits such as not authenticating, sharing passwords, or using predetermined identities that are shared among workers. These workarounds create major liabilities and security risks, leading to issues like labor management problems, lost or stolen devices, and blind spots in critical business processes.

    The Solution: Worker Identity by BlueFletch

    BlueFletch’s Worker Identity feature aims to remove the friction that causes these bad habits by streamlining the process of getting end-users in and out of traditional corporate identity providers. Here’s how it works:

    1. Enroll New Workers: Managers can log into the BlueFletch portal to create, update, delete, and assign roles to user profiles. New workers receive a text message with a QR code and enrollment instructions.
    2. Onboarding Process: When workers arrive, they scan the QR code at a BlueFletch kiosk, verify their name, create a personal PIN code, and take a picture for their badge.
    3. Secure Access: With their printed badge and personal PIN, workers can pick up shared devices running the BlueFletch Launcher and enjoy single sign-on access to their applications.
    4. Accountability and Visibility: The organization now has accountability for who is using which device, when, and where. User behavior and device data can be leveraged to address blind spots that typically lead to business downtime or slow operations.

    By removing the difficulty and red tape associated with traditional identity providers, BlueFletch’s Worker Identity feature enables organizations to foster a secure and accountable workforce environment.

    Early Feedback and Availability

    BlueFletch is already receiving positive early feedback from customers who have implemented the Worker Identity feature. Wider availability is expected later this year.

    If you’re interested in learning more or scheduling a demo, please reach out to BlueFletch.

    Stay tuned for more valuable content from BlueFletch on securing workforce devices and enhancing business operations.