How To Improve The Value Of Mobile Devices With Analytics

So you’ve gone and done it. Your company has invested in BlueFletch Enterprise Mobile Security™ (EMS), an enterprise-wide management and security solution for your shared mobile devices. Your BlueFletch Launcher, SSO, and Playbook MDM are purring along as you leverage the world-class security and compliance tools to optimize workflows. Tasks that used to take a team of five three weeks to complete now require one press of a button in between handfuls of Cheetos. But have you considered the thousands of dollars you’re throwing away every month by not harnessing the power of BlueFletch EMS analytics? 

BlueFletch EMS Analytics

BlueFletch EMS gathers more than twenty hardware data points from every single device in your organization. We capture software and operating system data, device-specific data, and security events such as logins, position, and location.  All of this information is stored in our Support Agent Dashboard. This window shows 25+ hardware data points every 30 minutes. Including device lists, application usage, battery life, call history, and other metrics that convey individual and overall device data. Check out our SSO guide here!

This information can be easily transferred into a third-party data service like Splunk, giving flexibility on where you wish to store your analytics.  Third-party applications can leverage the Support Agent SDK for reporting custom data, so if the functionality you need doesn’t exist yet, we can get you there. 

How Analytics Work


  • Identify the problem. Tell us about a problem you experience at your organization. It could be a large one, like “How do I tell how many devices have fully patched iOS 13?” or a small one like “Where the hell is my tablet?” 
  • Identify the measures that relate to your problem. Obviously knowing that the air temperature is 72 degrees F in your office doesn’t help very much, but for mobile devices deployed in tougher environments, ambient air temperature can be very important for a device to stay within operating parameters. 
  • Develop a metric using the measures. Having a dashboard that allows you to identify devices operating outside of optimal performance conditions can help you identify devices that are more likely to fail, or which might better be replaced with devices better suited for a tougher environment.

Here are just a few ways EMS analytics can save your organization time and money by tackling a variety of pain points experienced in the enterprise environment:

Mitigating Loss 

Organizations typically spend thousands of dollars on a single mobile device. Losing any number of devices costs businesses thousands every year. We can help with that. The BlueFletch Launcher provides device accountability (check-in/checkout) and device locator APK so you never have to wonder where your shared mobile devices are. And individual device accountability is based on the last login. Tracking this data improves end-user behavior as devices are more likely to be returned to their cradles at shift’s end. In the case of a missing device, Device Finder uses network access points to provide real-time visibility into both lost and in-use devices.

BlueFletch EMS analytics also supports proactive device recovery with low battery alerts while luggage-mode helps recover lost devices. Managers have increased visibility through our Manager Reports, which can drive end of shift visibility into lost devices, locked devices, or devices not returned to the cradles. Accountability of devices down to the user-level allows managers and operations to locate lost devices and keep associates responsible for returning devices at the end of shifts. 

Battery Life / Replacement 

The biggest cost for your shared mobile devices, beyond the cost of the device itself, is batteries and battery replacement. Cell phone batteries only last between one to two years, which equates to approximately 300 to 500 charging cycles. If the phone battery is older than two years, it should be replaced, usually at a cost of around $70 per device. When the enterprise owns thousands of devices, that cost adds up fast! But what if you could replace only batteries that need it vs the entire fleet on a cadence? 

BlueFletch Support Agent Dashboard displays bar charts and circle cards for an overview of all of the batteries. Analytics include battery status, charge remaining, battery temperature, and the overall health of each battery. BlueFletch EMS analytics also supports proactive device recovery with low battery alerts. All of this data is sorted by date and site location. This granular detail allows you to replace batteries at the end of their life cycle; freeing up funds to be used in other areas.

Measuring User Adoption

So you paid a lot of money to develop a custom app, but how do you know your employees are actually using it? Is it helping them to complete their jobs quickly and efficiently like you hoped? If no one ever logs in, do you want to continue to spend money to support it? 

User and device compliance plagues every enterprise environment. BlueFletch Support Agent helps you decide how and when to spend your money based on user adoption by collecting software/OS data that your organization can leverage to monitor application and device usage from the EMS dashboard. Support Agent tracks app usage time, OS version, patches, reboots, and restarts. You can even see installed app version validation to reconcile against your MDM. 

More Productive Employees

What is on every enterprise’s wish list? More productive employees! With BlueFletch EMS front-end user support, employees can view device-specific data for troubleshooting, which means fewer calls to the help desk and less time struggling with issues. End-users can contact the help desk or perform self-service password reset and view their device-specific data for troubleshooting. It’s a win-win.


As you can see, granular insight into your shared mobile devices and increased user security controls can benefit your organization in a number of ways. From the ability to support single sign-on to functioning in a mixed Android OEM environment, BlueFletch EMS solves a variety of business problems and EMS analytics gives your organization insight into problem areas so you can fix anything that pops up before it takes your organization down.  We are glad to help you through this process. Give your BlueFletch account executive a call at 855-529-6349 or email at to talk through a scenario you are facing at your company.