BlueFletch and Zebra Technologies: Integrating Launcher with Push To Talk

Efficiency. Cost savings. Security. Cloud-hosted. Scalability.

Buzz words? Sure. Popular Google search terms? Definitely. Available in practical application at the enterprise level? Yes. Where? The intersection of the BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher and Workforce Connect PTT Pro by Zebra Technologies.

If you aren’t familiar with the BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher, then give this article a quick read. For those who are well-versed in launchers such as AirWatch Launcher or SOTI Lockdown, you’ll know that we offer some key features that you can’t find in other launchers, including:

  • Single Sign-On
  • Device Accountability
  • Role-Based Permissions
  • Device Locating Technology

At BlueFletch, we constantly strive to move the needle forward. In our 11 years of building enterprise mobile solutions, we have aligned ourselves with strategic partners who are at the forefront of mobile technology. An example of this is the integration of the BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher with Zebra Technologies’ PTT Pro.

PTT Pro is an invaluable tool that provides associates with Push to Talk capabilities over Wi-Fi and Cellular networks alike. Whether you are a small rapidly growing company or large enterprise, PTT Pro is a tool that scales well and drives workforce connectivity.

With other launchers on the market, users would have to log in twice; once into the launcher, and again into PTT Pro separately. By running the BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher with PTT Pro, when users log into a device, they are automatically logged into PTT Pro and immediately made available to other PTT Pro users. This provides a more seamless experience while reducing login time which gives way to increased associate productivity.

Dynamic User Management


A new associate shows up on day one, ready to start delivering customer orders. Their van is loaded, purchase orders are in-hand, and their rugged Zebra device is fully charged. Everything is in place to ensure the deliveries arrive on time, except for one major roadblock: they have not been added into the PTT Pro system and are unreachable. <Record scratches> That’s a serious problem. Luckily, we have an easy solution.

The BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher provides dynamic user management that checks to see if the user is in the PTT system and automatically adds them if they aren’t. Yes I know, this sounds like magic. Through APIs and identity platform services, BlueFletch’s Enterprise Launcher has the power to validate and create users in the PTT Pro database. But wait, there’s more…

In addition to creating users, existing users can be reassigned on the fly. In a recent engagement with a national auto parts retailer, BlueFletch and Zebra were given the requirement to be able to move delivery drivers from store to store on demand. Within weeks, the team empowered the retailer to reassign associates to other stores within PTT Pro at the push of a button.

The challenges of executing on this integration were complex. The requirements dictated that temporarily reassigning associates to other stores could not involve making changes to the HR database. In other words, an employee’s HR record always needed to reflect their home store, yet PTT Pro needed to be able to show them assigned in the user pool for a temporary store. Our Enterprise Launcher exceeds those demands by signing users into a device securely and allowing them to join a different store without touching their HR record.

This is roughly the point where the host of a shopping show would roll into the “for 3-easy installments of” spiel. Don’t worry, I won’t… I will, however, leave you with a recitation of the valuable benefits and features of the BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher with Zebra Technologies’ PTT Pro:

  • Single Sign-On
  • Device Accountability
  • Role-Based Permissions
  • Device Locating Technology
  • Push to Talk over Wi-Fi or Cellular
  • Dynamic User Management

To learn more about the Enterprise Launcher or set up a demo of this package, shoot us an email at

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