Securing Shared Android Devices in the Enterprise

Research shows that 41% of data breaches are caused by lost or stolen devices.  Solely relying on MDM software to fend off these threats is no longer sufficient. Learn more about shared Android Devices here!

Watch this video to learn how BlueFletch EMS can augment your MDM to provide enterprise-grade security for employee Android devices. 

This is John. He’s an IT admin responsible for managing and securing over 6000 of his company on Android devices used by employees across stores and warehouses. What sort of calls keep them up at night? The ones from store managers reporting a lost or stolen device. Not only are devices expensive to replace, but if a compromised device winds up in the wrong hands, it poses a major security risk to his company. Luckily for John, ever since his company switched the BlueFletch launcher, his job has gotten a lot easier. John relies on the BlueFletch device finder to help locate misplaced devices and reduce device loss. To keep devices from being left unattended on a shelf. BlueFletch can trigger an alarm if a device is not moving or falls below a certain battery threshold. With advanced device and user-level security control. John can lock down and wipe devices remotely, restrict access to settings to prevent misuse, and ensure company-sensitive data is not on devices that are stolen or lost. To learn more about how the BlueFletch launcher improves the security of rugged Android devices, contact us at info at

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