Remote Control for Enterprise Android Devices

BlueFletch Remote Control enables IT admins to remotely view, navigate, and debug Android devices in the field in real-time from the EMS web portal. In addition to standard remote control functions, admins can run “plays” and issue commands to devices such as invoke Android Intent, Stage NOW, and Install/Uninstall Applications.


Frontline employees rely on their enterprise devices to stay connected and productive in the workforce due to the hassle of troubleshooting. Less than 20% of end users report issues that occur with their mobile devices to IT support. With BlueFletch remote control, IT admins can take the burden off the end user by remotely viewing, navigating, and fixing device issues in real-time from the EMS web portal. One way IT admins can access remote control is through our e&m Console. The Console allows admins to search and view a list of all enrolled devices in the field. Remote control can be initiated on the device summary screen. Once launched, admins can remotely view the device screen to observe the issue firsthand, then remotely control the device by clicking and performing actions to debug. BlueFletch Remote Control provides the following standard functions reboot, increase or decrease volume, wake or sleep the device, and capture screenshot. A unique component of the BlueFletch remote control is the playbook. This tool gives admins the ability to run plays and issue commands to devices, such as invoke Android and 10 stages now and install and uninstall applications. With BlueFletch, remote control enterprises can reduce resolution time, remove employee friction and empower device maintenance.

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