BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher

Single sign-on solution designed to help secure, manage, and support rugged enterprise Android devices.

Secure single sign-on

  • Access to all of your web, mobile, legacy, and 3rd party apps including Terminal Emulation (TE) with one login

  • Utilize your existing Identity Provider (Okta, Google, Office365, AD/LDAP) to authenticate end-users

  • Pass authenticated session information to line-of-business apps using the BlueFletch Launcher’s content provider

  • Watch how the BlueFletch Launcher uses SSO

Reduce device loss

  • Use our Device Finder tool to find lost devices

  • Leverage network data with login/logout events to more accurately locate devices in large areas

  • Create a device trail by being able to see which user last logged in
  • Dispatch audible alerts to track down misplaced devices
  • See what makes our Launcher different
Detail of cards showing Support Agent device data

Integrated support tooling

  • Collect information around device events with the BlueFletch Support Agent 

  • Capture 60+ data points including network, battery life, storage, and app usage in near real-time

  • Leverage data for support troubleshooting or feed into your enterprise analytics tool (e.g. Splunk)

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Simplified device and app management

  • Leverage the BlueFletch Enterprise Installer to help manage rugged Android devices and applications 

  • Sequence key events to manage, configure, and update applications, files, and certificates through our lightweight MDM tool or tie into your existing AirWatch or SOTI environment 

  • GO Button staging for easy device enrollment and staging
Supported Android Versions

Supported Devices

Launcher is currently validated and functioning correctly for 2018 models and up from Zebra, Honeywell Dolphin, Datalogic, Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung.

Launcher currently supports Android 5 and up. We do have legacy versions of some tools; please contact us for more info if you have a question about an older device.  

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