BlueFletch Support Agent

Create a line of sight into your organization’s mobile health with the ability to monitor, analyze, and act on business critical information.

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Improve visibility

More data, less guessing: an intelligent APK running in the background, reporting on device, network, system, and application level event data.

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Increase ROI

Give your finance teams what they love: data. Leverage fleet-wide battery health and app usage metrics to drive operational investment and divestment decision-making.

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Reduce cost of ownership

Lower the bill for “keeping the lights on.” Decrease help desk call and times through data driven root-cause analysis.

Support Agent application shown on laptop and rugged device

Get the visibility you need with Support Agent

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Intelligence delivered

Support Agent collects 60+ data points, including critical events, giving you the tools you need to maintain a healthy mobile fleet.

Give your enterprise access to the data needed to drive operational action and measure success: app and device usage metrics, configurable event logging, battery health, network viability, the success/failure rate of OS patches, and app deployments.

From insight to action

Review the tactical data that Support Agent reports to drive operational action. Whether it’s reviewing fleet-wide battery capacity to accurately determine battery replacement costs or app usage metrics to invest in or sunset apps, Support Agent gives you the insight you need to make smart decisions and increase ROI.

Detail of cards showing Support Agent device data
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Unearthing valuable analytics

BlueFletch began work with Woolworths on location, performing store walks and user interviews to understand pain points. One thing became clear: inconsistency was consistent. Devices had varying configurations and many inoperable devices were stored away in drawers. Increased visibility resulted in the business uncovering a number of improperly functioning devices.

Woolworths Support Agent dashboard

We installed our customized Support Agent on the company’s 36k devices to enable reporting and analytics not previously possible. The data enables Woolworths to determine percentage of functioning devices, battery health and network compliance to make informed decisions about future device investments. They can now monitor deployments and troubleshoot field issues based on actual data from field devices.

Empower your organization with Support Agent