How Single Sign-On Improves Security and the User Experience on Shared Android Devices

BlueFletch single sign-on helps organizations bolster their approach to mobile security while also improving the employee login experience on shared Android devices.

Watch this video to learn how our single sign-on solution brings advantages to both the business and the end-user. 


Paige Pickert  
This is Jennifer. She’s the VP of Operations for a large retailer focused on making the business as efficient as possible for employees. Her job is often challenging as she hears the demands of multiple parties. Security wants passwords for everything. It wants everything locked down, and employees are frustrated with slow devices and having to repeatedly log in to each application separately throughout the day. Fortunately for Jennifer, ever since her company switched to the BlueFletch launcher, employees have become more efficient in IT and security and have the right tools to support their initiatives. With launcher Single Sign On, employees only need to log in once to access all of their business apps. This allows users to save time and focus on more important tasks, instead of constantly calling the Help Desk to reset their passwords. It is happy because they can leverage their existing identity provider to manage users and control role-based permissions. The security team is happy because Single Sign On reduces the number of passwords users have to manage, effectively shrinking password fatigue and reducing the risk of a security breach. To learn more about how BlueFletch Single Sign On improves the user experience and security of rugged Android devices, contact us at info at

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