Device Review: Zebra L10 Tablet

Zebra’s latest L10 tablet brings a host of new functionalities to the rugged device market. In this review, BlueFletch’s Patrick McGlynn talks about why the L10 is one of his favorite tablets from Zebra and how it’s features work with BlueFletch.


Hi, I’m Patrick with BlueFletch. And today, we’re going to take a look at the zebra L10 Tablet.

This tablet can be shipped with either Windows or Android operating systems. This here is running Android 11 and is upgradeable through Android 14. This tablet is marketed for the warehouse in cold storage, telecom field service, oil, and natural gas industries. Really think about extreme operating environments where you’re going to need a device that can handle temperature, rain, water, and dust, really any extreme environments where you’re going to need a large display and almost a laptop replacement type of device. 

What I love about this device is its flexibility. Again, we mentioned you can run Android or Windows. There is a physical keyboard attachment for use as a laptop replacement. There is a vehicle mount for your warehouse industries. And there’s even just a regular tablet mode with an integrated carry handle if desired. On the back, there’s also numerous options for extending the functionality, such as an extended battery life that can provide over 24 hours of lifetime, a UFH RFID reader antenna that can be attached for RFID scanning, and a smart card reader for government purposes as well. You’ll notice this device doesn’t actually have an integrated 1d 2d barcode scanner. And it leverages the built-in camera for general scanning. That, of course, can be added aftermarket as well. But just something to note when compared to the other zebra offerings. 

We’ve tested the BlueFletch Launcher on this device and had to make a few changes to accommodate the larger screen size, such as larger icons, bolder fonts, and bold application titles. We’re really able to take advantage of the larger and wider display with numerous columns for applications. The front facing camera and rear camera also provide additional options for video chat or face recognition, which is included in our BlueFletch enterprise tool for communications and authentication. We use face scans to allow users back into their devices rapidly, so they don’t have to log in every time they pick up their devices. 

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