I have been writing a series of blog posts trying to convey what makes an engagement with BlueFletch special and unique.
My first post highlighted the differences between the generalist and specialist approach. I wanted to explore the possibility of will any solution do? There is a time and place for an off-the-shelf solution and even a one-size-fits-all platform. At BlueFletch we pride ourselves on being the specialist. Our clients come to us when they have tough problems and want the right solution.
Next, I talked about where the road ends and why custom is important. I explored how some organizations are stuck with bloated solutions created by global organizations trying to solve the world’s problems with a single solution. When your organization is an industry leader, the best in the world and/or looking to support a trade secret (secret sauce) you need a partner you can trust and a partner that can bring innovation from a perspective of experience.
So to round out this series I want to talk to the why of BlueFletch. Our why starts with the origin of the name BlueFletch (/blo͞o,fleCH/) which comes from two things.
1. Blue ocean strategy – how to create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant.
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2. Fletching – the aerodynamic stabilization of arrows or darts with material such as feathers, each piece of which is referred to as a fletch.

So how do we combine a strategy that is meant to eliminate any competition with a niche process while guiding our clients, like an arrow in flight, with the hopes of precisely hitting the bullseye?

Solving your Toughest Problem

The path to success is often blocked with problems that are painful for our clients to solve. Removing this pain means solving their toughest problem. For many of our clients, we are the catalyst that leads to their ultimate success. Our solutions (innovation, process efficiency, next-gen devices or sensors, to name a few) are specifically tailored to our client’s needs. By focusing on their specific needs as well as scalability and efficiency, we help our clients succeed.
Removing the road blocks to mobile innovation allows our clients to
  • continue to support their core business
  • implement initiatives faster
  • and remove internal doubt that can cloud future progress


Delivering Solutions that End-Users want to Use

The majority of our client engagements focus on delivering innovative mobile solutions in the enterprise (think retail stores, oil rigs, warehouses, delivery routes, etc). Traditionally these solutions have been simple and not very attractive. Our belief is that enterprise mobile does not have to suck. We care about the experience and concerns of the end-user.  It does not matter if you are completing a task in a warehouse or searching for a movie to stream in your living room. The experience should be pleasant and the interaction should compliment your activity, not bog it down. Our mobile solutions look and feel like consumer facing apps, making them easy for the end user to learn and understand, as well as something they want to use.

partner1Rockstar Clients and Partners

We believe that if our clients and partners look like rockstars and feel like a billion bucks then we have done our job. Beyond delivering innovative solutions, every engagement starts with identifying what success means for our client and partners. Not just project success, but internal success and personal motivations. We recognize it is not about us, but the success of our clients and partners. This perspective gives our clients and partners the piece of mind that allows us to deliver “wins” into the future.
As a trusted advisor, some times the right answer is, ‘no’. Not every engagement is bridging a legacy backend to a next-generation ruggedized device. BlueFletch builds many v1 and beta mobile solutions for pre & early funded start-ups. Providing honesty and guidance in lieu of chasing after a bad idea is our way of keeping clients resources focused on what matters most.
Wrapping up, I hope this blog post series highlights what makes a client/partner engagement with BlueFletch unique and provides a deeper understanding of why and how we choose to solve problems with mobile technology. Furthermore, from a broader perspective we made the case for why custom is important, when to choose custom vs. off-the-shelf and why working with BlueFletch is special. All comments and feedback are welcomed and if you want to hit your project bullseye please feel free to contact us directly.