BlueFletch + Ivanti Velocity - SSO for Android

Improve User Experience with SSO for Shared Android Devices using Ivanti Velocity

Why BlueFletch + Ivanti Velocity

Eliminate Wasted Logins

With the BlueFletch Launcher, you can easily enable all of your Velocity applications to support seamless Single Sign On for Enterprise SSO solutions.  Our clients have found that this results in hundreds of dollars of savings per device every year as a result of: 

 Check out our Enterprise SSO guide here!

Improved Employee Experience

According to a recent survey of warehouse workers, 64% cited frustration with
technology as impacting morale. With Ivanti Velocity and BlueFletch, operations gains:

Advanced Security Capabilities

The security of sensitive company data has become critical, but excessive security controls can burden end users.  By pairing BlueFletch with Ivanti Velocity, your company can create the security posture you need without sacrificing user experience.  BlueFletch includes security options such as:

BlueFletch Enables SSO for Ivanti Velocity

Client Case Study - HD Supply

Learn how HD Supply uses BlueFletch to re-authenticate apps for its delivery drivers. BlueFletch makes it easy to deploy on their
Zebra TC57 and TC70 devices, which use Ivanti Velocity to connect to enterprise systems from SAP. Check out this highlight of HD Supply

Learn more in the following video: 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We already have an MDM, do I need BlueFletch?

Clients choose to add BlueFletch on top of their MDM to expand security controls for business operations, and enhance the user login experience on Android rugged mobile computers that are shared among supply chain workers.

We have successful deployments to compliment modern MDMs including Ivanti Neurons for MDM, InTune, SOTI, and Workspace One.

Does BlueFletch support Velocity Web and TE Profiles?

Yes. BlueFletch offers integrated support for Ivanti Velocity telnet and browser solutions. Clients use BlueFletch SSO to connect wth enterprise systems including SAP ITS/Fiori, Oracle, and Manhattan WMS.

If you connect Velocity to other enterprise apps, contact us to verify BlueFletch SSO compatibility with your preferred systems.

What Android Devices can you support?

Most clients leverage Zebra, Honeywell, or Samsung devices with BlueFletch SSO for Ivanti Velocity. Still, we have clients running other OEM devices or mixed fleets of Android devices. 

We support all major OEMs, including Zebra, Samsung, Honeywell, Datalogic, Nokia, CAT, Cipherlabs, and Spectralink.  

How long does it take to setup and configure?

Setup time for BlueFletch can vary based on the complexity of your company’s security roles and configuration.  We have had clients up and running in as little as two hours. Typical activities for configuration include: 

  • Setup IDP configs and roles
  • Secure Ivanti Velocity script configurations
  • Ivanti Neurons for MDM deployment packaging

How much does BlueFletch cost?

BlueFletch is licensed on a per-device annual cost.  The current pricing starts around $60 per year, with discounts for higher volumes of devices. 

The savings from reduced logins for most of our clients will typically fully pay for the licenses in the first month of usage. 

What if my greenscreen apps are not synced with an IDP?

Out of the box, BlueFletch supports authentication through OIDC, oAuth2, and SAML.  

Additionally, BlueFletch can leverage extended attributes from the Identify Provider to pass known credentials to apps. BlueFletch also supports a password manager for having disparate passwords follow users around on shared devices.

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