BlueFletch Feature Highlight – HD Supply

In today’s feature highlight, hear from HD Supply’s Travis Epperson on how the BlueFletch Enterprise Toolset’s SSO and NFC features aid delivery drivers in the field. This video highlights the features of BlueFletch Enterprise used by HD Supply for user login, SSO, and re-authentication for workforce devices. Learn more about our Enterprise SSO guide here!


Rick Makerson  
Hi, I’m Rick with BlueFletch. And today’s feature highlight is our lightning-quick reauthentication with NFC; let’s get started. Near Field Communication or NFC, has been around for many years. If you work in an office building and use a badge for door access, use tap to pay with a credit card or mobile phone, then you have some experience with NFC. 

We love that our clients are organizations who embrace being on the leading edge of technology so that they can stay ahead of the competition. One such client, HD supply, an Atlanta-based nationwide distributor of facilities and maintenance supplies, came to us with an ask to provide SSO on their shared mobile Android devices. Their asks also included allowing their users to re-enter an active session on their devices quickly and securely. In our NFC reauthorize on our BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher in business terms, we need it to preserve employee productivity through efficiency without jeopardizing security. 

Today we’ll explore how AC supply is leveraging BlueFletch Enterprise to keep drivers productive and devices secure. Now let’s connect with Travis Epperson to hear more.

Travis Epperson  
My name is Travis Epperson; I’m a Senior Solutions Architect with HD supply. So our delivery drivers use the TC 57. And they use that to do all of their delivery, proof of delivery. Those devices are running BlueFletch, the launcher. They log into those every morning, and they use that as proof of identity for actually using the device. It allows us to kind of lock down the device to a specific user and not show the apps without having anybody interacting with the device previously authenticating with a device previously. 

Yeah, so we’re using the NFC tags so that the drivers can quickly log back into the devices. One of the biggest problems with delivery drivers is how long it takes them to do anything. And so when they get to the site, we don’t want them to have to go through an entire login process; we want them to just immediately be able to be back in their device. But it needs to be secure so that if a device walks away, or just gets lost, we don’t have a device left logged in. So this gives us a situation where everything is locked down. As soon as the device times out or the driver hits the power button, it’s immediately locked. 

We’re really looking forward to the SSO piece of this, where we can automatically log into other apps. We’re hoping to one day have a full VoIP solution where the driver, as soon as they log into BlueFletch, it immediately pulls in all of their information, phone number, contacts, and everything else automatically. multiple logins, again, just causes interruption causes delay for the driver. So we’re looking for that single sign-on immediately, and everything’s done.

Rick Makerson  
If your organization is considering alternative authentication and or re-authentication methods such as NFC, barcode scan, biometric, and pin, please reach out to us to learn more about the additional capabilities BlueFletch Enterprise can bring. We’re also happy to announce that we can support secure NFC authentication, not just for reauthentication for clients who have a transient workforce and or seasonal contingent labor. This is a great option for workers to quickly have secure application access.

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