BlueFletch Launcher SSO Integration with Ivanti Wavelink

Leverage our SSO integration of the BlueFletch Launcher with Ivanti’s Velocity/TE clients to reduce password problems and gain efficiency in retail and warehouse environments.


Frontline employees often have to authenticate and enter their credentials each time they open a business app. Not only does this disrupt their workflow, but it also impacts productivity. BlueFletch integrated our Enterprise Launcher Single Sign On solution into Avantis velocity terminal emulation and industrial browser software. With this solution, users will only have to log in once to authenticate their identity resulting in productivity gains, fewer password problems, and a better user experience. The user enters their credentials into the launcher, and the launcher authenticates the user. The user opens the velocity client app and selects the host profile. The user’s credentials are quickly used for the session, and the session begins. To learn more about our Single Sign On solution, email us at info at