Android Security – BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher

BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher is a tool that helps you secure and lockdown dedicated Android Enterprise devices. Features include:

– Multi-user Support
– Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration
– Secure Notifications
– Smart Logoff


As companies look to improve their efficiency with technology, rugged mobile devices have become the cornerstone for driving these efforts forward. Expanded capabilities allow businesses to collect more actionable data and insights than ever before. Unfortunately, this additional functionality is attracting unwanted attention. Shared passwords and out-of-the-box security settings are no longer acceptable to protect companies. The BlueFletch enterprise launcher is focused on solving these new security challenges. With out-of-the-box support for all major identity providers, Single Sign On is a snap to get set up. Enterprise launcher works well to extend the functionality of existing MDM providers such as SOTI or AirWatch. Advanced features, including smart logoff fine-grained settings, secure notifications, and face reauthentication, give you the control you need to lock down your devices. If you are interested in providing advanced security and hardening of rugged devices. Take a look at the BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher.

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