One Launcher: Personalize Your Android Experience with Simplicity

We are often asked how VMWare’s Workspace ONE shared device launcher differs from the BlueFletch EMS Launcher, so we compared the tools based on three categories: login experience, security, and setup and integration.

Watch the video below for a detailed comparison!

It is also worth noting that VMWare supports both iOS and Android, while BlueFletch EMS software tools are Android-specific (i.e. devices from Zebra, Honeywell, Datalogic, Spectralink, Samsung, Newland, Motorola, and Nokia).  We are currently testing and validating Android 11 as devices are released in 2021.

While VMware is an established provider for MDM solutions, workspace one is limited when compared to the capabilities offered with the BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher in three areas login experience, security, and setup and integration. Logging into Workspace One’s launcher can take minutes due to the app and profile change syncing from the cloud. BlueFletch launchers user session is processed locally, providing users immediate access to their apps in less than five seconds after authentication. Here are other differences in regard to the login experience. Support for all major identity providers Single Sign On SDK for custom apps single sign-on for web apps single sign-on for Avanti terminal emulation fewer login issues using NFC biometrics barcode and pin re-off Workspace One provides standard device lockdown features, but it doesn’t offer as robust security features required to protect company data and secure device fleets. BlueFletch launcher’s smart logout rules go the extra mile to lock down devices and protect company data. Smart logout can be configured so the user will automatically be signed out upon events such as cradling the device, maximum session timeout, and idle timeout. Here are other key differences in regard to security features. Key as locked down of devices, logout timer per roll access to recent apps, notifications, Bluetooth volume, and display access. Here’s how setting up the two products differ. The back-end integration process is more time-consuming with Workspace one because it requires the use of VMware AirWatch connector. Here are some other setup differences require Workspace One access and per-app VPN tunnels to authenticate against all identity providers without a server connector. Custom background UI supports icon badges, widgets, and shortcuts. To learn more about improving the security of your rugged Android devices, contact us at info at